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Shattered Lives: Truckers Against Trafficking

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives


Always on the road, on the move, truckers across America are a leading resource in the fight against human trafficking, modern day slavery. Victims of trafficking are also on the road, and on the move, as they are relocated from city to city.

While truck stops and the trucking industry is not necessarily the number one place where human trafficking may be taking place, it’s a crime that literally comes knocking on the door of many truckers.

The mission of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking.

Truckers Against Trafficking, Shattered Lives, Donna Gore, TAT

Guests for the hour are Kendis Paris, Executive Director of TAT, and Andy Anastasio from New Haven, CT who has done amazing work in the state to bring awareness and education about trafficking through the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut.

TAT also seeks to work with law enforcement in not only facilitating training, but in our coalition builds as well, where we get the general managers of truck stops in the same room with the law enforcement who investigate trafficking cases on their lots. If we can build a rapport between the two groups, and provide extensive training on what to look for, then it is our hope that a pimp who pulls on to that particular lot will only leave in handcuffs, not with more money in his/her pocket.

Truckers Against Trafficking offers industry specific training

Truckers Against Trafficking’s training and materials, including posters, wallet cards, and recently developed mobile app are distinct to the industry and it’s workforce.

When truckers or truck stop workers suspect human trafficking is taking place they can call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) at 1-888-3737-888 and report what they know.

Listeners will come away with a better understanding of the trucking and motor transport industries and their role in recognizing and reporting trafficking incidents. Shattered Lives Radio hopes that the information, along with the national hotline number, will be shared within communities across the nation.

Shattered Lives: Truckers Against Trafficking



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  2. Just saw a documentary on Highway 20 between Dallas and Atlanta and apparently it is a hot route for trafficking women in trucks.

  3. trace…thanks for reblogging and commenting. following both of your sites for a reason…hope to reach out to you soon. your information is stellar and fits perfectly into another project!

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