Dottie Laster, Ruth Villatoro, The Cantinera Documentary
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The Cantinera Documentary Screening at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX

Cantinera Documentary,Dottie Laster,ImaginePublicity

Cantinera Documentary, Ruth Villatoro, Dottie Laster, ImaginePublicity

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013 St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas is hosting a screening of The Cantinera Documentary,  7pm at Ragsdale Center, Jones Auditorium, 3001 S. Congress. After the screening there will be a panel discussion and interactive session with director Ruth Villatoro and one of the nation’s leading anti-human trafficking activists featured in the film, Dottie Laster of Laster Global Consulting.

Five years in the making, The Cantinera tells the story of girls who are forced to work in latin bars, or cantinas, throughout the United States, often forced to drink 20-40 beers a night, 7 days a week. It’s a story often overlooked when studying aspects of human trafficking and forced labor, yet it’s an account of thousands of women who are caught in its web with no way out.

The Cantinera relates the raw story of one woman who was forced by her mother to drink with men in latin bars when she was thirteen years old. Twenty-three years later, she is still drinking thirty beers a night, five nights a week, but longs for sobriety and a second chance.

In this feature documentary, go first hand into the world of human trafficking through hidden cameras with a few brave women who are dedicated to fighting against the growing criminal industry.

Cantinera Documentary, ImaginePublicity

Through the story of three women, the film navigates through the virtually unheard of subject from the perspective of a cantinera, an advocate and a vigilante. Go first hand into the cantinas while rescuers search for victims and women take a stand against one of the most powerful crime organizations….Ruth Villatoro, Director Statement

The screening of The Cantinera is part of the St. Edward’s University Fall 2013 focus on Human Trafficking and the Expansion of Human Rights and one of many events planned in Austin during Free Austin,  Building a Slave Free City, October 17-27.

For details on how to bring The Cantinera Documentary to your community and request a screening, please visit the website CantineraDocumentary.Com or contact ImaginePublicity at 843-808-0859, email:

The Cantinera, Ruth Villatoro, Dottie Laster, ImaginePublicity, St. Edwards University

The Cantinera Documentary Screening at

St. Edwards University in Austin, TX


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. So happy to know you were able to meet Dottie, she is an amazing advocate and human trafficking expert. If we can facilitate anything future events for you, please let us know! Thanks, also, for being involved…..D

  2. Dottie does amazing work. I was glad to meet her and be a part of the activism. I belong to the Defender Foundation based in Jacksonville, FL and we rescue trafficked women.

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