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Yes, Virginia! Diane Fanning Signing Books in October!

Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicity

Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicity


Yes, Virginia, you are in for a treat!  What better way to begin the trick or treat season than the treat of attending a book signing with true crime diva, Diane Fanning!

Celebrating her 20th published book, as well as her move back to Virginia, Diane Fanning will be making appearances at Barnes and Noble in Roanoke and Richmond in October to meet and greet readers and sign copies of SLEEP MY DARLINGS.

SLEEP MY DARLINGS chronicles the Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicitycase of Tampa mother  Julie Schenecker who is accused of shooting her two teenage children to death in 2011.

Her trial was set for October, 2013, but recently has been postponed until April, 2014. It’s reported that prosecutors, who are seeking the death penalty, need more time to prepare. According to The Tampa Bay Times, Schenecker’s defense attorneys will be pursuing an insanity defense.

What motive could Julie Schenecker have to kill her own children? Was she mentally ill? Will this be a successful death penalty case?

Sixteen-year-old Calyx and thirteen-year-old Beau Schenecker were found dead—both of them shot, then covered with blankets. Upon questioning, Julie admitted that she was “tired of the kids talking back” and just “wanted it to be over.” Had her manic depression driven her to the point of insanity? Or was hers a case of cold, calculated violence and manipulation? This is the shocking true story of motherhood, mental illness, and two charges of murder in the first degree.

Along with writing true crime and covering high-profile cases, Diane Fanning is also the author of the Lt. Lucinda Pierce series of crime novels. The sixth book in the series, Wrong Turn, was released in January 2013 and inspired by Fanning’s experience with the case of Julie Rea, who was serving a 65-year-sentence for the murder of her 10-year-old son, Joel Kirkpatrick. All six of the Lucinda Pierce novels are set in Virginia.

The latest in the crime mystery series, Wrong Turn, has Lt. Lucinda Pierce faced with the possibilities of unjustly carrying out her duties at the expense of freedom and additional crimes, or incarcerating the wrong person. Lucinda Pierce faces one of the toughest tests of law enforcement, with her investigation and credibility on the line in the search for truth and justice. Wrong Turn is available at all online and local book retailers.

Her next book, SCANDAL IN THE SECRET CITY is coming soon.

Diane Fanning has recently appeared as a commentator on several television shows from Investigation Discovery, and other networks.

For a list of other available autographed books by Diane Fanning, please refer to her website: DianeFanning.Com

Virginia Book Signings in October


Saturday, October 12

Barnes and Noble

Chesterfield Town Center

11500 Midlothian Tnpk
Richmond, VA 23235

Saturday, October 19

Barnes and Noble
4478 Electric Road Southwest
Roanoke, VA 24018
Diane Fanning, True Crime Author, ImaginePublicity

Yes, Virginia! Diane Fanning Signing Books in October!

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