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Change Already! with Jillian: Intuition, Male and Female What’s the Difference?

Jillian Maas Backman, Change Already Radio,Beyond the Pews

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Jillian Maas Backman, Change Already Radio,Beyond the Pews

Is there a difference, intuitively speaking, between male and female?

Women’s intuition vs men’s logic, we know there are differences in the makeup of each, hormonally, physically, but what about psychically? Are women really the “softer” gender when it comes to intuition, or has history painted that picture from a male dominated perspective?

While neuroscientists now respect the processing powers of our emotions – they reflect all that computation taking place in the unconscious – this wasn’t always the case. To say someone trusted their feelings was another way of saying they lacked the fortitude and intelligence to be rational. Men vs Women

How can we really measure the empathetic responses of the genders, and moreover, how can we define the strengths, or weaknesses of each?

Gifts from the spiritual realm know no gender, they are passed on without bias to males and females alike, but generally speaking it seems that women are more open to “feeling” those gifts, and using them than males, who, especially in Western society, have placed more importance on logic and reason and less on feeling and intuition.

Spiritual Trends

Spiritual trends have seen males becoming more accepting of the idea of intuition and receiving messages, but perhaps they don’t want to call it “intuition” believing, as history shows, that it may be a sign of weakness. As we see an evolution in our global cultures, we are seeing an evolution in our spiritual trends as well, becoming a smaller world and a smaller universe where it’s much easier to communicate and learn about the differences of our human race.

Discerning within spiritual trends we see there are many extremes, the ying/yang, good vs evil, black and white, and intuition vs logic. On Change Already! with Jillian she will be discussing how males and females process intuitive information and is there really a difference in the outcome.

Change Already! with Jillian: Male and Female What’s the Difference?

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