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Shattered Lives: Jim Holler, Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator

Jim Holler, Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, ImaginePublicity

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

Even the best of parents can be fooled by predators that use seduction and grooming practices to gain access to their children, not just grooming the child, but the whole family and sometimes even whole communities.

With the internet becoming a part of everyone’s communication process, we’ve allowed these predators another doorway into our families and homes, through social sites, emails and texting our children are even more vulnerable.

Shattered Lives guest for the hour, Jim Holler, will give listeners information about how to prevent predators and molesters from being successful in accessing our children. 


Right now you can download and read the shocking ways the internet has allowed us to let down our guard and welcome predators into our homes:

 “ I thought he was my friend ” The Internet, a Monster’s Paradise

Chief Jim Holler served as Chief of Police for sixteen years of the Liberty Township Police Department in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Chief Holler is an internationally known speaker specializing in crimes against children. Chief Holler became an Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator and has conducted pro-active internet investigations making multiple arrests for possession of child pornography and undercover chat related arrests for soliciting sex from a minor.

You’re the parent of a 10 year old female and you pick up your child’s cell phone and see numbers you don’t recognize. While holding the phone a text message comes in stating, “I’ll call you at 9:30.” What would you do? Who would be calling my 10 year old child at 9:30 at night? In this case it was a true child molester who had carefully groomed this child into meeting him was arranging another meeting!

What can you do as a parent to help prevent this from ever happening to my child?

Jim Holler, Shattered Lives, Donna R. Gore, ImaginePublicityChief Holler doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping parents protect their kids! Parents need to understand how child molesters operate especially via the internet. These molesters are out there and unfortunately they walk among us and we need to be better prepared in identifying them so we can better protect our kids!

Shattered Lives: Jim Holler, Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator

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