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Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire: Mobsters and More at MOB-CON!

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Gangsters and G-Men, Good Guys and Bad Guys, Mobsters and those who write about them, all aboard in Vegas for the first MOB-CON!


Join the show with host, Kim Kolton as she talks with Dennis Griffin, Robert Allen and Frank Cullotta all about Mob-Con 2013.

Learn first hand about what’s in store for visitors of the first ever Mob Convention!

You’ll meet real “Wise Guys, Goodfellas and Goombas.” Hear their incredible fascinating and true stories of secrecy, murder and mayhem. Former ”Made Men” who lived “the life” and now are willing to share its good and bad sides with you. You learn what it was like living among the underworld. 

You’ll also meet the good guys who brought them down and put ’em away. Hear the stories of the dedicated law enforcement officers who chased the bad guys and put them out of business. These former FBI, Metro Police and Sheriffs are the ones who relentlessly pursued these criminals until they were locked up or put out of commission…….Mob-Con 2013

Dennis Griffin, Vito Colucci, Jr. Rogue TownDennis Griffin, former host of Crime Wire, is the premier author of books surrounding the Mob and its presence in Las Vegas, both past and present. Griffin is a consultant to the “Vegas Mob Tour” and owner of Bear Media Consultants which helps match producers of true crime productions with those who can serve as technical consultants and speakers.  A former NY law enforcement officer, Dennis Griffin retired once, then began writing about crime with an emphasis on the Mob. He’s the author of Cullotta, Surviving the Mob, and his latest book, Bella Capo’s true story, La Bella Mafia.FrankCullota

Frank Cullotta, the mob’s top man in Las Vegas during the 70’s and 80’s turned government witness, is but one of the former mobsters involved in Mob-Con 2013.  Cullotta’s testimony put a huge crimp in the Chicago Outfit’s hold on Las Vegas when several mobsters were put behind bars. With a contract out on his life, Cullotta survived his time in prison, as well as in the witness protection program, and is now a free man!

member_54459392Robert George Allen is the Producer/Dirctor of the Haunted Vegas Tours, The Vegas Mob Tours and the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt! He is the host of his own radio show on BlogTalk Radio. Robert George Allen recently penned his new book called “Adventures of a Ghost Stalker” which is set to be released in 2013.

Mob-Con 2013 will be held at Palace Station Hotel & Casino September 7 and 8, 2013 along with a “Meet & Greet Cocktail Party at the “Mob Attraction” on September 6th,” located in the Tropicana.

Get all the details right here…....Mob-Con 2013

Are you in?

Kim Kolton’s Crime Wire:  Mobsters and More at MOB-CON!


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