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Change Already with Jillian! It’s Check-up Time for 2013!

Jillian Maas Backman, Change Already Radio,Beyond the Pews

Change Already! Your Future, Your Choice

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Jillian Maas Backman, Change Already Radio,Beyond the Pews

In November 2012 Jillian wrote her annual post about reflecting on the previous year (2012) and looking forward and what to expect for the coming year (2013).  Predicting 2013 to be the “year of relationships,” Jillian tells us, “The energy for 2013 will afford each one of us the opportunity to see every relationship before you in a true light, the games people play and the way you interact with it. In this year many will come and go. The ones that survive the cut will afford the opportunity to delve deeper into a spiritual connection than ever before.”  Read complete article

On Change Already with Jillian she speaks to listeners about what to expect in the relationships that seem to come and go throughout the year, you may have already experienced much of what she’s talking about, such as someone coming into your life, and then quickly leaving your circle of friends to move on to other endeavors. When this happens we wonder why? how? what next? Jillian explains that it’s part of the energetic plan and it’s also preparing us for 2014.

The vulnerability in the connections with people is being built on more of a “soul to soul” relationship.  Preparing for 2014 is also going to be all about relationships, universal alignment with each other, and cleaning the slate to move into an earthly related period. Earthly changes are coming, including the ripple effect of coming Obamacare.

Shifts of consciousness are already in full gear, and fringe relationships will either make it through or they will disintegrate. People will need to find their healing process from the sting of losing these relationships. Find trust and love to sustain the relationships that make it through.

We will be having more risky conversations with those around us, it’s time to have these conversations, plan for them. These are the supportive relationships that will come to their own fruition.  For those who don’t make the “cut,” let them go in grace.

To hear all that Jillian has to say about your own personal “check-up” for going forward into 2014, listen to the complete podcast:


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