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KIm Kolton’s Crime Wire: Monica Caison and Missing Persons

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Monica Caison of CUE Center for Missing Persons

Monica Caison, CUE Center for Missing Persons, ImaginePublicity

Founder of CUE Center for Missing Persons, Monica Caison, joins the show to update listeners on missing persons cases.  Monica Caison and her organization put importance on all missing persons, not just those in the headlines.

The CUE Center makes a difference for everyone concerned with missing persons through the services they provide along with an annual Road to Remember Tour to bring attention at the local and national level for missing persons cases, cold cases, and unsolved homicides.

Monica Caison, ImaginePublicity

On a given misty morning Monica Caison finds time to contemplate a portion of the missing persons cases presented at one of the tour stops. This year will be no different, many of the names remain on the list of missing, but, as in years past, some will come home to their families as a result of the added attention. Some families will bond together in their common pain and be inspired to continue their personal journey to find their loved one and bring them home.

For complete information on all services provided by CUE Center for Missing Persons, as well as missing persons cases registered with CUE, please refer to their website: NCMissingPersons.Org

The family of James Aaron Toole who has been missing from Alabama since 1995 will be featured on the show.


James Aaron Toole


Missing Since: 05/15/95
Missing from: Pansey, Alabama
Classification: Endangered Missing
White Male
Age at Disappearance: 72
Date of Birth: 12/05/22
Height: 5’7
Weight: 160
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Gray
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Brown Cancer Spot (size of dime) on right forehead at hairline. Tattoo of ‘girl in swimsuit’ on right arm.
Clothing: Buttom down shirt with possibly wearing a brown cowboy hat.
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Brown Cancer Spot (size of dime) on right forehead at hairline. Tattoo of ‘girl in swimsuit’ on right arm.
Traveling in a 1984, 4 door Chevrolet Cavalier. Tag number 38BLT66. Car has not been found
Full Name: James Aaron Toole

Details of Disappearacnce
On the Afternoon of Monday, May 15, 1995 he was at his home waiting on his youngest granddaughter to get off the school bus. Her sister came to pick her up, and she got there just before the school bus arrived. He told his granddaughter that he would not be there the next day when her sister got off the bus and to make sure to be there in time so she would not be left alone. He said that he was going to be in Central Florida for a few days visiting some of his siblings.

He went to work that night for a few hours at the convenient store across the street from his home but he left early. Another one of his granddaughters said that he stopped by her house that night breifly to have a conversation with his wife. She did not actually see him, but she heard him speaking with her grandmother in the kitchen. His granddaughters that he spoke with him earlier that afternoon and their mother saw him again that night when he passed them going North on Houston County Road 75. He has never been seen or heard from since. His case remains unsolved.

Investigative Agency
Houston County Sheriff’s Dept

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