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The Roth Show: Human Trafficking and Politics with Dottie Laster and Jeff Mudgett, Author of BLOODSTAINS

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Wednesday Crime segment welcomes back

Dottie Laster and Jeff Mudgett 

Hour #1

Dottie Laster, Laster Global Consulting,Human Trafficking,ImaginePublicityDottie Laster returns to The Roth Show to talk more about the ever expanding crime of human trafficking. While normally involved in the rescue and restoration of marginalized and vulnerable young people, Laster has seen a shift lately and has been contracted by upscale families to become involved in cases with victims who are not the norm. She reports that there seems to be more and more activity with academically
Recently the headlines touted a large sweep across 77 cities in the US as FBI and local law enforcement agencies rescued 105 underage minors from the grip of human trafficking. Also arrested in the raid were 150 pimps. Has this annual raid made a dent in the national problem? Hardly. While it’s admirable that 105 children have been rescued, there are thousands that have already taken their place on the streets being sold to anyone with the money to pay for sex. And what about the prosecutions? Will they be successful, or will these traffickers be out on bail, abscond and continue to do business on the streets of America?
“Human trafficking, and how it claims it’s victims, is one of the most critical messages our youth needs to hear in order to become aware of the tactics traffickers use; to lure them into dangerous situations, how they gain their trust, leading them into a world they never knew existed.”
Dottie Laster is featured in the documentary on sex trafficking in Latin bars and cantinas, The Cantinera, and will be the subject of an upcoming television show tentatively titled Project Red Light. She has been the subject of many articles in Texas MonthlyMORE Magazine, and most recently Town Hall MagazineShe is the recipient of numerous awards, including the “Hero Award” from Youth for Human Rights International in 2013.
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Hour #2

Jeff Mudgett, Bloodstains, ImaginePublicityJeff Mudgett, author of BLOODSTAINS and great, great, grandson of America’s most prolific serial killer, H. H. Holmes, makes a return visit to The Roth Show to talk more about his nefarious ancestor and update listeners on steps moving forward for more exposure of the theories written about in BLOODSTAINS.
Recently The History Channel broadcast “The Murder Castle” on their series “Haunted History”  the story of Jeff Mudgett’s investigation of long, lost relative, Herman Webster Mudgett, aka serial killer H. H. Holmes, by re-creating his experience written in Chapter 27 ofBLOODSTAINS.  Viewers are taken down into the bowels of the remains of the infamous “Murder Castle” located at 63rd and Wallace in Chicago, now the site of a United States Post Office.

Bloodstains, Jeff Mudgett,ImaginePublicity

For those not familiar with H. H. Holmes and his “Murder Castle” built during the  construction of the  World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, Jeff Mudgett’s book, BLOODSTAINS, tells the story from a completely new angle, a personal history combined with methodical research into an ancestor no one would willingly claim. Herman Webster Mudgett was a swindler, a con man, a womanizer and, at his worst, H. H. Holmes, the most atrocious serial killer of all time. At age 40, Jeff Mudgett learned that he was descended from this incarnation of evil and set out to investigate what was known, and unknown, about his nefarious great-great-grandfather. The result was BLOODSTAINS.
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The Roth Show: Human Trafficking and Politics with Dottie Laster and

Jeff Mudgett, Author of BLOODSTAINS

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