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Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Reflections

Change Already! Your Future, Your Choice

Jillian, Warm and Fuzzy with an Attitude!

Listen in live, or listen at your convenience through the archive of the show.  

Jillian will walk you through the maze to an enlightened and engaging future of change!

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After weeks of contests and winners being featured on her weekly radio show, Jillian took a break!  A well deserved California vacation to enjoy the beauty and relaxation with her family.

On this week’s show Jillian will be reflecting on how her recent experiences have affected her, and her audience of listeners. Taking on the task of honoring little known non-profits has taught us  more about how people help people in our society, that there really is goodness in our world. How can we keep the momentum going?

Featuring 4 categories, Social, The Arts, Medical, and Children,  many wonderful organizations responded to her call and 4 winners were chosen randomly. Listeners learned over the 4 week period about the power of giving, going outside the comfort zone and interacting with society’s ills in a positive way. If it weren’t for these people who are willing to give, we would all be in a worse place, thankfully we can pay it forward. (Listen to the podcasts!)


California! The land of beautiful people, beaches, mountains and desert! No wonder the stars congregate in the beauty of Hollywood!

As a tourist, Jillian was able to experience all the wonder that makes up California, including the Summer X-Games held in Los Angeles!

The X Games is a sports event, controlled and arranged by the U.S. sports broadcaster ESPN (with coverage also shown on its sister network ABC), which focuses on extreme sports. The inaugural X Games were held in summer 1995 in Rhode Island. Participants compete to win bronze, silver and gold medals, and prize money.   Wikipedia

Winners and losers in extreme sports, much different than Olympic sports,  who enter the competition come with the hope of a medal in their category. Experiencing first hand the ups and downs of young athletes, Jillian was witness to record setting goals, as well as disappointment in loss.

Join the show to hear Jillian’s “reflections” on past and present experiences and how they affect the future…..for all of us!

Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Reflections

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