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 The mission statement on the website CorruptCT.Com reads:

The government was formed of checks and balances. Working together allows us to have a louder voice, which demands better responses. We are here for one reason and that is to help with the flow of information and try to help anyone who we can, any way we can.

Only known as “Courtney” the website is a repository of cases and stories outlining wrongdoing within the judicial and legislative branches of the government created to uphold the rights of all people. From judges to DCF corruption, and family law to self-help resources, the website presents the good, bad and ugly of what confronts many American families and their day in court.

One of the cases Courtney is following and features is Jamaal Jacob, a victim of the Torrington Connecticut Department of Children And Families.  One of the Jacobs’ children was removed from the home after an injury while playing with her sister. Accused of abusing the child, Jamaal was arrested and charged and his daughter taken away, but that’s not the complete story.  (Read the 3 part report, with comments)

Courtney and Jamaal will explain to listeners what went down in November, 2012 and update on a recent court appearance.  The Jacobs are a stable, blended family who want nothing more than to have their daughter back in the home. Jamaal is speaking out, not only for the benefit of his own case, but for the benefit of other families faced with the same situation.

What’s going on in our country’s DCF agencies? Rumors or truth?  Yes, there are terrible cases of abuse, and the system would be remiss if they didn’t do their duty and remove children from unfit parents, but there seems to be report after report of the “legal kidnapping” of children all across America. Either way, there are countless children who are suffering without the comfort of their family.

Be sure to read the reporting on CorruptCT.Com to learn more about the Jacob case and many other instances of corruption in CT.


The Roth Show: Corrupt CT dot Com

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