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Shattered Lives: Trail of Blood, a Father’s Search for His Son

Trail of Blood, Scott Dunn,Jim Dunn,Shattered Lives, ImaginePublicity

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

Guest Jim Dunn will share the aftermath of living for 21 years struggling against all odds to find the remains of his murdered son.

Jim Dunn,Scott Dunn,Shattered Lives, Trail of Blood,ImaginePublicity

A late night telephone call informed Jim Dunn that his son, Scott, had mysteriously disappeared two weeks prior. This call was only the beginning of a long and painful journey to find the truth about what happened to Scott Dunn in May of 1991 and recover his remains.

In the picture is a woman with a questionable past,  Scott’s girlfriend, without any emotion reporting to Jim that the last time she saw Scott he was sick and resting at home,  when she returned he was gone. That’s it, nothing else, no explanation, and she failed to call authorities. Scott Dunn’s family made the call to report him missing and when investigators entered the Lubbock, Texas apartment he shared with Leisha Hamilton there was obvious evidence that something very bad had occurred there.

Investigators performed tests with luminol throughout the apartment and found evidence of blood and spatter consistent with someone involved in a violent death. After results were returned it was conclusive that someone was indeed Scott Dunn.  Leisha Hamilton and her latest boyfriend were subsequently arrested and convicted for Scott’s murder, but not for over 6 years after the crime. Through it all, Scott’s father, Jim Dunn, continued to search for the body of his son.

Knowing that Scott’s death was the outcome, the family purchased a grave and headstone awaiting the day that Scott’s remains would be found and he could be properly laid to rest. That day finally came in May of 2012,  over 21 years later, and Scott Dunn was finally returned to his family.

James Dunn released the following statement:

After 21 years of heartache the moment of truth has finally come for the Dunn family with the discovery of Scott Dunn’s buried remains. Tremendous credit goes to all those who fought for justice and kept Scott in their prayers. Today those prayers have been answered and Scott can be laid to rest.

It appears now with certainty two people knew precisely where Scott’s body was hidden and then lied to try and protect themselves. Their murder convictions give some justice for Scott and the family.

No matter what, all I ever wanted was to find Scott’s remains, give him a proper burial and try to find some closure for the family. Now in time we hope to do just that.

In his book written with Wanda Evans, Trail of Blood: A Father, a Son and a Tell-Tale Crime Scene Investigation, the complete story is told of a father’s frustration with outdated laws, inept investigations, and the ends to which he was willing to go to find his son.

Trail of Blood, Scott Dunn,Jim Dunn,Shattered Lives, ImaginePublicity

Shattered Lives: Trail of Blood, a Father’s Search for His Son

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