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Shattered Lives: Anna Doroghazi Returns for Updates on the State of Sexual Assault

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

Frequent guest, Anna Doroghazi of (CONNSACS) Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. returns to Shattered Lives to update listeners on what her organization is doing to proactively stem the tide of sexual assault.

Legislatively Anna will bring the audience news of bills in this session that concern disability, restraining orders, and lease laws for victims of abuse.

She will also talk about CONNSAC’S collaboration with Men Can Stop Rape and the joint campaign titled, “Where Do You Stand Connecticut?” based on the primary prevention of sexual assault and how society can change and behave differently. Engaging men in the issue requires them to be more actively involved in the behavior changes and accountability for their actions.

Already a full plate of topics, we will turn to military sexual violence and the variety of factors that contribute to why service members are experiencing elevated rates of sexual assault. The military culture makes it difficult for victims to speak out and prosecution is rare.

Tune in for this hour packed with information that will make a difference! Also be sure to listen to the podcasts of previous shows with Anna Doroghazi on other topics related to sexual assault and its prevention.

Anna Doroghazi

Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc.(CONNSACS) is a statewide coalition of individual sexual assault crisis programs. CONNSACS works to end sexual violence through victim assistance, community education, and public policy advocacy. CONNSACS’ mission is to end sexual violence and ensure high quality, comprehensive, and culturally competent sexual assault victim services.

The SAFE Program provides care in a way that benefits both sexual assault victims and participating hospitals. Typically, victims wait in emergency departments for several hours before a physician or nurse becomes available to set aside several hours to provide care for the patient and complete the evidence collection process. In many cases, healthcare providers are not very familiar with the process which may lengthen the time that the victim remains in the emergency department.

CONNSACS offers presentations and trainings for statewide organizations and agencies.

Talking about sexual violence is important. Everyone can have a role in preventing sexual violence and ensuring support for victims. Do you have an interest in learning more about ending sexual violence and responding to disclosures of sexual violence?  We welcome the opportunity to hold an in-service, workshop or training.

Shattered Lives: Anna Doroghazi Returns for Updates on the State of Sexual Assault

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