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The Dr. Laurie Roth Show: Caravan to Catch a Killer, Maggie Zingman’s Mission to Find Justice for her Daughter

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 Caravan to Catch a Killer and find justice for Brittany Phillips


In September of 2004 the life of a beautiful 18 year old was brutally taken. Brittany Phillips had just signed up for college classes at Tulsa Community College and secured an apartment near the school. Brittany was raped and suffocated, left for dead. When friends and family had not heard from her after a few days and she had not attended classes it was reported to the police who notified her mother, Maggie Zingman, of her daughter’s murder. Brittany Phillips was buried on her 19th birthday, October 4, 2004.

Fast forward to 2013, 9 long years later, and there is still no suspect or arrest in the case.

Maggie Zingman, PhD is not a stranger to criminals. Her work as a staff psychologist and trauma specialist at an Oklahoma women’s facility brings her in contact with all varieties of the criminal element. She realized early on that DNA would most likely play a large part of solving Brittany’s case, and perhaps others, but after 9 years there has not been the match she has been looking for.


Caravan to Catch a Killer is Maggie Zingman’s way of searching for answers and justice, and along the way she has been able to bring more awareness to not only her daughter’s unsolved murder, but to the fact that laws need to be changed in respect to gathering DNA as well as tougher rape laws. Over 2000 people have been ruled out as the killer of Brittany Phillips as a result of her mother’s persistence, and she will continue to travel around the country for as long as she can until there is resolution.

Maggie’s caravans have reached all over the United States, hundreds of cities, interviews with media, and she plans to keep going. It could be your daughter, sister, mother that is put at risk of being assaulted or killed and no justice forthcoming if it weren’t for people like Maggie Zingman. The Caravan to Catch a Killer is funded soley by donations from kind hearted individuals who know the importance of this mission. Zingman has logged thousands of miles and the wrapped van is limping. Unless donations start pouring in her mission is lost.

As she planned for her 11th caravan, again, she’s faced with problems that seem unsurmountable. The transmission in her vehicle is gone, needs replaced to the tune of $3500, and she has no money available to spend on the needed repairs. Facing the fact that funding may take her off the road for good, Maggie Zingman has given up all she has to make these trips as beneficial as she can, no only for herself, but for everyone she comes in contact with.

…I am her voice…Those who know our history know how hard I fight and also how hard things seem to keep hitting… Don’t know.. it makes it hard, for a bit, to breathe. … Of course I will get past it…because I can’t change what is. But I try so hard to pay it forward, to do things for others, to do this mostly on my own funding. And it seems (even though I know it is just bad timing) that each time I really need something like being able to do the CARAVAN, then I get hit with something so big like a transmission breakdown that I can do nothing but roll with the punches.  I am tired but I won’t give up. I know I just have to accept this solitary road…..BrittanyPhillipsMurder.Net

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