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Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Non-Profit Series Winner, The Children’s Wall of Tears

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One Soul Tithes So Another Soul Thrives

Child abuse and neglect affects over 3 million children each year, some survive and some do not. Studies have shown that childhood maltreatment leads to many chronic illnesses, diseases and mental conditions well into adulthood and if we don’t do something proactive to curb it we are producing adults that perpetuate the cycle.

The second show in the series of Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman will shine the spotlight on a non-profit which is working across the nation to memorialize child abuse victims as they offer education and awareness of this country’s terrible epidemic. Change Already! is moving to the forefront by honoring organizations and individuals who are making positive changes for those around them by featuring the winners in four categories of non-profits.

Bringing awareness to and honoring those children who lost their lives to unspeakable abuse is the purpose of The Children’s Wall of Tears, a non-profit founded by former law enforcement employees, Jane Le Mond-Alvarez and Leo Alvarez, the guests for the show.

The organization is leading the campaign for children to be remembered, not forgotten. They speak out publicly to carry the message and be the voice of the voiceless children and hold fund raising events for the continuation and upkeep of the Children’s Wall of Tears.



The Children’s Wall of Tears ™ was founded by Jane LeMond-Alvarez, child abuse expert and former crime analyst from the Oxnard Police Department. Not only is she the founder of the National Association Against Child Cruelty, she is a published author of the true stories: BLINDERS and WHERE’S MARIO?,  a public speaker, as well as a wife, mother and grandmother. Jane has dedicated her life to raising the awareness of child cruelty/abuse and stopping child abuse. Jane and her husband, Leo, are part of an on-going national and International campaign traveling with their prototype Children’s Wall of Tears ™ to raise the awareness of child cruety in order to let people know what’s really happening to our abused children behind the closed doors. Leo Alvarez, is the co-founder of the National Association Against Child Cruelty and retired from the Oxnard Police Department after 33 years of service. He is a former Coroner’s Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, Fingerprint Examiner, co-editor of BLINDERS and WHERE’S MARIO?, author of numerous published articles, Law Enforcement Telecommunications Trainer, public speaker and is on the Board of Directors of the Ventura County Crime Stoppers.The Children’s Wall of Tears ™ is a non profit organization (EIN#27-3649226) that: EDUCATES and INCREASES AWARENESS on child cruelty, neglect and abuse. MEMORIALIZE and HONOR the innocent, helpless children who are brutally killed through abuse and neglect and predators in the U.S. daily. Works to GENERATE DONATIONS to help EDUCATE the public about dangerous laws such as Title 42USC that protects child abusers but not the child. 


Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Non-Profit Series Winner,

The Children’s Wall of Tears

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