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Shattered Lives: Horry County, SC Police Chief Saundra Rhodes

Chief Saundra Rhodes,Horry County Police Department,ImaginePublicity,Shattered Lives

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives


With more than 20 years in law enforcement, Saundra Rhodes was honored to accept the role of Chief of the Horry County SC Police Department in 2012.

Chief Saundra Rhodes, Horry County Police Department, Shattered Lives, ImaginePublicity

Why would this be something worth talking about in an age where women have come a long way in law enforcement positions? Saundra Rhodes humbly says she isn’t interested in making history, but more excited that she was afforded the confidence of her peers to give her the position.

ImaginePublicity had the pleasure of being present at a talk which Chief Rhodes gave to a local Myrtle Beach chapter of Zonta International. Learning about her background and upbringing, it’s no wonder she developed into the strong and honorable person she is today.

One of the fastest growing counties in South Carolina, Horry County encompasses the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach, the hub of tourism, as well as miles and miles of agricultural and industrial areas. With the largest industry being tourism and hospitality there is an annual influx of people from all over presenting a unique situation when dealing with crime. Listeners will learn how Chief Rhodes is dealing with the criminal element along with the local jurisdictional police departments and how they work together to make Horry County safe for it’s citizens and visitors.

One of the things Chief Rhodes is emphasizing is community policing. Getting everyone in the community involved in safety and crime prevention issues is going back to the basics where officers are respected for their friendly, helpful attitudes, and citizens feel openly appreciative of their presence.  An increase of police presence in all areas of Horry County instills a sense of safety and well being for all.

The Horry County Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. Established as the primary county law enforcement agency in 1959 by legislative decree and overwhelmingly re-endorsed by our citizens in a 1998 referendum, the Horry County Police Department is the only remaining county police department in the State of South Carolina. We believe that our survival is the direct result of professional and futuristic leadership and the delivery of law enforcement services with an emphasis upon sensitive, ethical and consistent concern for community based problem solving combined with effective and efficient traditional emergency responses.

Chief Saundra Rhodes,Shattered Lives, Horry County Police Department,ImaginePublicity,Shattered Lives

photo courtesy of CarolinaLive.Com

Shattered Lives: Horry County, SC Police Chief Saundra Rhodes


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