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DYING TO LIVE: Author Amy Susan Crohn Presents to NJ Book Club

dying to live, amy susan crohn, imaginepublicity

Amy Susan Crohn, Dying to Live, Book signing, ImaginePublicity

DYING TO LIVE: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus and chronic illness is considerably more than a “story” about one woman’s struggle to live, it’s her reality.

Amy Susan Crohn was invited to present her recently launched book, DYING TO LIVE,  to a book club in Tom’s River, NJ.  She spoke to the group about the long and arduous process of writing her book, the experience of taking her story back and forth in time, as well as publishing and releasing the book.

Many of the questions put forth to Amy were about her experiences within the medical community, her treatment through her early years, especially about doctors who tend to be dismissive of the ailments of women, oftentimes diagnosed as nothing more than stress.

Descended from a blended family, with two eccentric parents, and the legacy of being the grand neice of Dr. Burrill B. Crohn, a leading gastroenterologist whose work greatly advanced the understanding of ileitis -also known as Crohn’s disease at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Amy’s childhood was often filled with wonder and anxiety. The details of her childhood lead up to the crescendo, her body completely broken, and diagnosis of two life altering diseases at age 36.

Much of the discussion surrounded the issue of how childhood maltreatment, in the form of neglect or abuse,  lead to damages in the body which can manifest themselves later in life in the form of devastating diseases and compromising immune systems. Many of Amy’s later medical events point directly to unexplained incidents within her family dynamic, related within DYING TO LIVE with humor, mixed with the honesty of a child left without a firm foundation.

As the title indicates, since writing about her background, traveling back and forth in time, the reader gets a clearer understanding of how the discussion of childhood maltreatment, the author’s medical connections, and her near death experience plays a large part in who she has become. An avid children’s advocate, a media strategist, and an up and coming author, Amy Susan Crohn has always been DYING TO LIVE and has come full circle.

In the near future DYING TO LIVE will be presented to audiences in New York and South Carolina. Author Amy Susan Crohn is an experienced speaker and is available for events. Please contact ImaginePublicity to schedule.  Tel: 843-808-0859  Email:

Dying to Live: Running Backwards through Cancer, Lupus, and Chronic Illness, Amy Susan Crohn, ImaginePublicityBook Details:

Dying to Live: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus, and chronic illness

Author:   Amy Susan Crohn

ISBN-10  1482568098    ISBN-13  978-1482568097

Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 4, 2013)

“Beautifully told, this story of a happy young wife and mother suddenly diagnosed with two usually fatal diseases will inspire all who read it. Alternately loved and abused by her charismatic,disturbed parents, Amy Susan Crohn discovers the causes of her rare condition and fights to reclaim her joyful, loving life. Along the way, she discovers the connection between her childhood abuse and the devastating illnesses. Lessons for us all that may well save our lives someday, this riveting, sensitive and often humorous memoir is an instant classic. “   Laura Shaine Cunningham, Sleeping Arrangements & A Place in the Country

“In this heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting memoir, Amy Susan Crohn recounts her journey through childhood neglect and emotional abuse, multiple life-threatening chronic diseases, medical indifference, and near-death experience, to emergence as a fulfilled wife, mother, marketing strategist, author, and child
advocate. Moving artfully back and forth in time and space and through fluctuating states of consciousness, she weaves her story with passion but without self-pity, with sensitivity but without sentimentality, and above all with life-affirming humor and faith. It is a tale of trial, torment, and ultimate triumph, rich with inspiration and lessons for us all.”  David B. Sachar, M.D., FACP, MACG

DYING TO LIVE: Author Amy Susan Crohn Presents to NJ Book Club

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