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Crime Wire: Back from Hiatus with Kim Kolton at the Helm! Donna Pendergast Discusses the Susan Powell Case

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Yes, a new look, a new host, but the same quality show!

Donna Pendergast, Crime Wire, Kim Kolton

Tuesday, June 4, Kim Kolton welcomes Donna Pendergast, high profile homicide prosecutor, to the show to discuss the latest developments in the Susan Cox Powell case. What went wrong? Should investigators have made some of the sealed evidence public? Now that West Valley Police Department, Utah has suspended the investigation evidence has been released to the public, including a hand written will and video made by Susan Cox Powell before she went missing in December, 2009. Would this evidence have helped in saving her children from being incinerated along with their father, Josh Powell?

Susan Cox Powell is still missing and her family is conducting new searches in areas they feel Josh Powell and his brother may have dumped her remains.

The original host of Crime Wire, Dennis Griffin, stepped down from his post on May 7, 2013 to pursue exciting, enterprising adventures, passing the torch to his right hand woman, Kim Kolton. As Research Director for Crime Wire, Kim has been a part of the radio show since the beginning, the one who looks into potential guests and cases to highlight on the show, the front runner and scout.

Of course, with all new things comes change! While Kim Kolton will continue with integrity to host the weekly show, offering listeners the chance to hear nationally known guests discuss cases where families are seeking justice, Kim will bring her own unique style.

Crime Wire is privileged to have a roster of consultants and on future shows listeners will have the chance to hear from experts like Karen Storsteen, Donna Pendergast, Sheryl McCollum, Holly Hughes, Peter Hyatt, Monica Caison, and several more all bringing aboard their expertise and assistance to help bring cases to the forefront.

Be sure to tune into the show each week for intelligent discussion about all things crime!

Crime Wire: Back from Hiatus with Kim Kolton at the Helm!

Donna Pendergast Discusses the Susan Powell Case


  1. Kim & Donna P. This was an interesting show! Don’t really care about J. Arias…. But my heart is still with the Powell case….and SMM’s efforts. Keep’ em coming!

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