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Dalal Akoury, MD Hosting “Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury” on FOX TV

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dalal akoury, awaremed,health and wellness,integrative medicine, ImaginePublicityDalal Akoury, MD will be host to a local FOX affiliate health matters television show. The debut broadcast is scheduled for 12:30 pm Eastern time Wednesday, June 5. Your Health is Wealth will broadcast each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on WFXB FOX TV cable channel 7 allowing reach to maximum number of viewers interested in improving their health status, have questions about Obamacare, or wish to learn about new and innovative health practices.

Dr. Akoury aims to create programming that will offer open dialogue between national experts in the field of wellness, preventative, integrative and proactive medicine, the medicine of the future. Your Health is Wealth promises to be the voice of wellness and be a leader in the natural evolution, or revolution, of healthcare and wellness. It represents the juncture of patient and physician creating a hybrid that will impact healthcare by disseminating awareness and education about integrative healthcare.

By developing a health and wellness forum the result will be ways to realize incredible cost savings that will assist in the healthcare crisis and focus on wellness and the root causes of disease. The show will accentuate the difference between proactive and reactive medicine and the difference between intervention and prevention.

Dr. Akoury says, “I’m so grateful this is happening in Myrtle Beach, it’s a very exciting time for integrative medicine in the area. As more patients become aware of the level of care provided they will understand the correlation between health and wealth. Your health is your greatest wealth!”

Some of the scheduled guests include Dr. Pamela Smith, professor at the University of South Florida and Dean of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine; Dr. Renwick Goldberg, Oncologist, Coastal Cancer Center; Dr. Osama Gabera, Director of transplants, Methodist Hospital Research Institute; Annie Brandt, Founder of Best Answer for Cancer; Dr. Eldred Taylor, expert in hormonal therapy and age management; Fouad I. Ghaly, MD Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell and Facial PRP and other national and local health care professionals.

Dalal Akoury, MD is the Founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center located on Oleander Drive in Myrtle Beach, a comprehensive medical practice like no other on the Grand Strand. “Beautiful, serene, not like a sterile doctor’s office, and quality time spent with Dr. Akoury,” is one brief patient description of AWAREmed.

Dr. Akoury is fellowship trained and certified in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine, as well as having more than twenty years of accumulated experience in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and a master’s degree in public health. She has also served fellowships in pediatric hematology/oncology and has preformed research in leukemia and the effects of smoking.

  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
  • Member of the Fellowship for Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine (FAAFM)
  • Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
  • Member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine (BCEM)

For updates and future show scheduling visit the website at http://awaremed.com.

Dalal Akoury, MD is available for local, national and international speaking or training events.

Contact: ImaginePublicity Tel: 843-808-0859 Email: contact@imaginepublicity.com

Dalal Akoury, MD Hosting “Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury” on FOX TV


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  3. Congrats Dr.Akoury! Seems like an impressive lineup How can we see these shows if we’re not local? Is there a way? ‘Hope so….. LJ

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