Donna R. Gore
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Who Pays Attention to the Rights of Crime Victims? LadyJustice!

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Shattered Lives, ImaginePublicity

Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Shattered Lives,ImaginePublicity

Like the energizer bunny, Donna R. Gore is hard to keep up with at times, nothing stands in the way of her passions and missions. Donna knows about the aftermath of crime from the inside;  her beloved father was gunned down by a career criminal who set out to rob him. He got away with $35 and Donald Gore lost his life.

Donna went on to achieve many things in her life, achievements her father would have been proud to share in, but those opportunities were lost forever.

34 years later LadyJustice (Donna’s alias) learned that the person who murdered her father was coming up for parole, a day she and her family thought would bypass them when told after the trial and conviction that “this guy will never get out.”  That was not to be and the date they had to face the perpetrator loomed ahead.

Not one to sit on the sidelines and allow things to happen haphazardly, Donna was proactive in finding out everything she needed to know before the date of the parole hearing. With the assistance of Attorney Michelle Cruz, the family learned about several things that would need to be addressed before the day of the hearing and a laundry list of victims’ rights that the majority would not know about, such as concealing their identities. Ironically, the parole hearing was held in the middle of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, a week dedicated nationally to honoring those who have been affected by crime. As all crime victims will attest, the most meaningful actions in the aftermath of crime are justice and accountability.

Donna R. Gore and Attorney Michelle Cruz appeared on syndicated radio, The Roth Show, the evening after the parole hearing to let listeners learn first hand what’s involved in this process. The show highlighted not only the Gore case, but crime victims’ rights that are often overlooked or not even known to most victims in similar circumstances.  Listen to Donna, Michelle and Dr. Laurie Roth discussing these important issues on the podcast of  The Roth Show

Donna took up the mantle of crime victims’ rights shortly after the murder of her father and has been active in several endeavors in the state of Connecticut including a longstanding involvement with Survivors of Homicide  and participating in the legislative branch of state government. Working within the realm of victim services for almost 15 years, Donna is currently a case manager within the state of Connecticut’s department that brings services to the blind and visually impaired supplying required service to her clients.

In 2012 LadyJustice turned to the airwaves to bring information to the masses with a new radio show, Shattered Lives, which has become highly popular. Each Saturday she welcomes guests from all areas of crime aftermath, from investigators, forensic experts, organization directors and victims themselves. The purpose of her show is not so much to delve into the crime or the perpetrators, but to fill a void for victims with valuable information and a chance to be heard.


Donna has recently been accepted as a consultant and trainer with the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and can be requested through OVC to be a presenter or speaker at conferences, convention, or community organizations throughout the country. OVC, through OVC TTAC, provides training on an array of instructor-led topics relevant to the field of victim services.

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Who Pays Attention to the Rights of Crime Victims? LadyJustice!

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  1. Thank you Delilah! What a surprise and an honor to be featured in this way…I’m thrilled!
    Really looking forward to the future…Nowhere to go but up, up, up in my quest to assist others!
    Love to all,

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