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Crime Wire: Peter Hyatt and Statement Analysis as an Investigative Tool

Peter Hyatt, The Roth Show,ImaginePublicity

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Statement analysis involves examining several aspects of someone’s words, including verbs describing communication and uncompleted action; changes in verb tense; minimizing, intensifying, and editing adverbs; extraneous information; unique sensory details; and statement structure, which identifies the person’s focus—on the incident or somewhere else. Research has shown that distinct differences exist between a deceptive statement and a truthful one. By using the techniques of statement analysis, investigators can more readily detect truthfulness or deception in an individual’s words. With these insights, investigators become more efficient and effective in their abilities and gain better focus on the investigation……FBI

Peter Hyatt

The central theme of Peter Hyatt’s personal blog is Statement Analysis, a method of linguistic polygraphy which seeks to discern truth from deception found within speech. Many of these cases are discussed on “The Peter Hyatt Show” on Blog Talk Radio, or on the shows of others which invite Peter Hyatt to appear.

Peter Hyatt works with law enforcement, private citizens, attorneys, and other organizations, particularly on missing persons cases.  Peter frequently works consulting with law enforcement throughout the country.

“Although Statement Analysis is of great value to an investigator, it is also a great tool for counselors, therapists, human resources, educators, and all those interested in truth.  Equally valuable for private life, the ability to discern truth from deception is something that can be learned, practiced, and excelled at.  In fact, everyone from junior high principals to parents need to learn to discern truth from fiction.” …..Peter Hyatt

Peter and his wife Heather write timely articles analyzing high-profile crimes, often showing readers areas of deception within television and newspaper interviews.  Check out the blog:  Statement Analysis and get to know the Hyatts and the fascinating science of analyzing words and how they are used.

Peter Hyatt is a civil investigator who has conducted more than 2,500 interviews including children’s interviews.  He uses Statement Analysis is his work, and teaches Statement Analysis in Interviewing.  
He also works part-time as an analyst for law enforcement and private companies.  He is the host of “The Peter Hyatt Show” while appearing on various other programs as a guest analyst, including on the forum of “Crime Wire.”  He has authored many articles and does pro bono work for families in “cold cases”; doing analysis of prior interviews.

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    Peter is fantastic! Hats off!!

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