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Crime Wire: Dennis Griffin Steps Down as Host

Denny Griffin, ImaginePublicity

Denny Griffin, ImaginePublicity


Tuesday, May 7, 2013 will be the last show for long time Crime Wire host, Dennis Griffin. The show will be devoted to his long standing popularity through the years as the founder of the show.

Listen in for many surprise guests!

To listen LIVE or to the podcast on Inside Lenz Network: CLICK HERE

Dennis Griffin has stepped down from the helm of Crime Wire to fulfill obligations to new books and new ventures.  For the faithful followers of Crime Wire this news is bitter sweet. We’re happy that Denny is pursuing his dreams and passions, but we will miss him and his expert input from week to week.

Crime Wire has gone through several changes since it’s inception several years ago when it was established with Denny Griffin and Susan Murphy-Milano as co-hosts. Denny and Susan were an exceptional team that played off of each other brilliantly. There are hundreds of shows in the archives for fans of the show to listen to as they wish, covering many cases and topics. Susan Murphy-Milano lost her battle with cancer on October 28, 2012.

Always true to the original notion of helping families bring more attention to cases of unsolved homicides, missing persons, intimate partner violence, and other related crime stories, the show will continue under the leadership of the very capable Kim Kolton.

Kim Kolton has worked side by side with Denny since Crime Wire began. She has served as the Crime Wire Director of Research, but her duties have gone well beyond that title. Kim has been the Producer of the show and long time co-host. She is the one who is first to talk to potential guests, screening cases and researching the details. She will no doubt continue her due diligence for the future success of the show.

Dennis N Griffin

For someone who “retired” in the late ’90’s Dennis Griffin’s second life has been filled with opportunity. He has made a name for himself as one of the premier true crime authors covering the history of the Mob in Las Vegas, to which he has devoted a lot of his writing, along with other tales of criminals and the crimes they survived. Denny’s presence on the show will be missed, but he promises to make occasional appearances when time allows.

Denny will continue on the Inside Lenz Network with his monthly show, “We Know a Guy” which examines anything Mob related and features many of the characters Denny has written about in his books.

Let’s toast to Denny Griffin in style!

Join the show, not to say goodbye, but to wish him well in all his future endeavors.

Crime Wire: Dennis Griffin Steps Down as Host

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  1. Denny! I’ve been missing you for a long time…you busy, busy author in demand! When are we gonna slow down to take another cruise with Bear and friends? Wishing you the very best always! Talk to you soon! And…. I’m glad Kim is “taking the reins.”

    Love, “Donna R.”

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