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Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Serial Killers and Spirituality, Can They Be Redeemed?

Change Already! Your Future, Your Choice

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From Jillian Maas Backman:

Salvation, Reclamation, Deliverance, and Emancipation

 All adjectives used to describe an open-ended religious promise offered to any one who repents and faithfully follows the word of spirit. A unilateral commitment from above that one can be “saved” and forgiven for any sinful acts of deviance. Does this religious safety net genuinely apply to everyone? 

Redemption without exception? A  “get out of hell jail” free card waiting in the wings for all?   Even for those who commit murderous acts so vile, on-lookers turn their heads away in shame? Can we uphold and stand in this truism in any circumstance, including serial killers? 

As forgiving beings, do we have the capacity to sincerely welcome these spiritual evil-castaways back into a religious fold knowing they have renounced their past devilish ways and claim spontaneous spiritual conversion.  Do we have the right to be skeptical and question their authenticity or should we be blind believers and trust in the process from above?  Lets discuss.

What does Jillian Maas Backman, a minister’s daughter, know about serial killers?  Probably not much, but she does know the depths of human spirituality, both in the traditional, religious sense, as well as using those senses as described in her book BEYOND THE PEWS.

The question of whether a human being who takes the life of another human being can be ultimately be forgiven, or live a spiritual life helping others, will be the subject of the next series on her radio show, Change Already!

Jillian’s guests will be from several different backgrounds, but most have had a brush with, or knowledge of, a serial killer.

The accepted definition of a serial killer is often debated, depending upon the number of victims to the emotional or psychological motivations. One thing that is readily agreed upon is that most serial killers are the personification of pure evil.

Jillian and her guests will explore specific serial killers, from the past to the present, what each guests’ connection is to serial killers, and the thought debate of whether they are genuinely finding God, able to be redeemed and forgiven, or continuing to evilly con and manipulate. It’s stated there is no cure, nor medication, for those with narcissistic psychopatic tendencies, but does that mean that God can’t change their hearts and renew their faith in fellow men?

Schedule of guests and topics for the Series, Serial Killers and Spirituality


Schedule of guests and topics for the Series, Serial Killers and Spirituality

Show #1, Thursday, May 2

Guest: Dr. Scott Bonn 

Listen to the podcast

Criminologist, author, and professor, Dr. Scott Bonn‘s area of research and expertise includes correspondence with some of the nation’s most feared killers. His latest book, tentatively titled, Monster Dearest: Our Macabre Fascination with Serial Killers. Dr. Bonn, aka Doc Bonn, will open the series with information and background on serial killers, who they are, and why they do what they do. Are they abled to be redeemed?

Dr. Scott Bonn Website: DocBonn.Com

Show #2, Thursday, May 9

Guest: Dr. Scott Bonn

Listen to the podcast

After setting the stage for the series on the opening show, Dr. Bonn returns to talk about a specific serial killer, David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam. Doc Bonn recently visited Berkowitz in prison where he claims he has been redeemed, runs a prison ministry, and wishes to be known as “Son of Hope.” Is he telling the truth about his religious conversion?

Show #3, Thursday, May 15

Guest: Diane Fanning

Listen to the podcast

True Crime author, Diane Fanning, had several communications with serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells. Through that correspondence Sells confessed to the murder of a little boy whose mother had been convicted and sentenced for his death. Through the evidence and statements collected, her testimony was instrumental in setting free an innocent woman. She writes about the case in her book Through the Window.  Fanning says Sells went through his religious “phase” in prison, but it didn’t last. Why?

Diane Fanning Website:  DianeFanning.Com

Show #4, Thursday, May 23

Guest: Pastor Neil Schori

Listen to the podcast

Pastor Neil Schori brings the traditionally accepted religious perspective to the question of forgiveness. Are we in a position as human beings to show forgiveness to someone who claims to be redeemed? Does God allow these murderers to be forgiven and enter Heaven?

Neil Schori Website: NeilShori.Com

Show #5, Thursday, May 30

Guest: Jeff Mudgett, ONE HOUR SPECIAL

Listen to the Podcast   This is the UNCUT version of the podcast, there were some “strange happenings” at the beginning of the show that are in the process of being analyzed. What do you hear????

Author of BLOODSTAINS, Jeff Mudgett is the great-great-grandson of one of America’s most atrocious serial killer of all, H. H. Holmes. His life changed at age 40 when he became aware of his ancestry and set out to investigate the truth. Can the propensity for violence be carried down through the genes? Are descendants of serial killers able to forgive the deeds of their ancestors, and more importantly to Mudgett, do the sins of the father pass down to generations to deal with?

Jeff Mudgett Website:  BloodstainsTheBook.Com

Show #6, Thursday, June 6

The Wrap Up with Commentary by Jillian Maas Backman

Jillian will bring it all home in the last show of the series, combining her personal knowledge along with the knowledge of all the previous guests.

Jillian Maas Backman Website:  JillianMaasBackman.Com

Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman:

Serial Killers and Spirituality, Can They Be Redeemed?

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  1. What a concept…. What a question… Hmmmm… I personally say “no” but I guess everyone has there own opinion…especially religious leaders. After recently attending a parole hearing for the multiple murderer of my father convinced me…..

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