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Diane Fanning: Book Signing Events Celebrating Her 20th Published Book

Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicity


Celebrating a milestone with 20 published books, Diane Fanning will be signing books for her readers at various locations.

Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicity

Diane Fanning’s 20th book, Sleep My Darlings, scheduled for an April 30, 2013 release, puts another notch in the belt of the Edgar Award Finalist author. Sleep My Darlings is the true story of Julie Schenecker who shot and killed her two teen children, 16-year-old Calyx and 13-year-old Beau, in their home in Tampa, Florida. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the trial, scheduled for October 2013, while the defense attorneys are looking to plead insanity.

Diane Fanning is not only one of the queens of the True Crime genre, she also pens a series of novels incorporating the character of Lt. Lucinda Pierce, a tough as nails detective who was once a disfigured victim of domestic violence, and now on a mission to solve crimes and put away criminals.  You can get to know Lucinda Pierce and walk through crime scenes collecting clues, learn about the criminals and the surviving victims within the pages of Trophy ExchangePunish the Deed, Mistaken Identity, False FrontTwisted Reason,  and the latest, Wrong Turn, sold in all online and retail book stores.

The latest in the crime mystery series, Wrong Turn, has Lt. Lucinda Pierce faced with the possibilities of unjustly carrying out her Diane Fanning, Lucinda Pierce, ImaginePublicityduties at the expense of freedom and additional crimes, or incarcerating the wrong person. Lucinda Pierce faces one of the toughest tests of law enforcement, with her investigation and credibility on the line in the search for truth and justice. Wrong Turn is available at all online and local book retailers and Audio books available on Audible.com.

Though the highlight of her year so far is the birth of grandson, Simon, Diane has been celebrating along with her fans by coordinating a series of book giveaway contests throughout her social media networks. Fans and readers have been taking advantage of receiving signed copies of her books, along with those from her collection of other authors.

Her book signing tour will begin in the San Antonio and Houston areas of Texas beginning on Saturday, May 4th.

Scheduled book signing appearances:

  • Saturday, May 4, Barnes & Noble, Round Rock, TX     Event Details: CLICK HERE

  • Sunday, May 5, The Twig, San Antonio, TX  Appearing with authors Helen Ginger, (Angel Sometimes) and Karen Kasey Fitzjerrell (The Dividing Season)

  • Saturday, May 11, Hastings, New Braunfels, TX   651 BUSINESS LOOP IH-35
    New Braunfels, TX 78130   2-4pm Central time

  • Saturday, May 25, Barnes & Noble, San Pedro, TX    Event Details:  CLICK HERE

  • Saturday, June 1, Hastings, Seguin, TX   1380 E. COURT ST.
    Seguin, TX 78155    2-4pm Central time

  • Saturday, June 22, Murder By the Book, Houston, TX   Event Details:  CLICK HERE

Diane Fanning wrote the forward to Holding My Hand Through Hell (Ice Cube Press, Oct. 2012)by the late Susan Murphy Milano. Not only were Diane and Susan great colleagues, but also developed a long lasting friendship.  Diane will also be signing copies of Holding My Hand Through Hell at her scheduled signings.


Dr. Michael H. Stone 

Forensic Psychiatrist and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia
on Sleep My Darlings
The police, when they get news of a crime, want to know: Who, When, Where, How?  But the public wants to know: Why?  Two-and-a-haf years ago, when I heard about Julie Schenecker killing her teenage son and daughter nothing was said about “Why.”  Now, finally, in Diane Fanning’s chilling, grippingly readable, and richly informative book, Sleep My Darlings, we understand Why.
Fanning takes us down the path that led this woman–from post-partum depression, through an ever-intensifying bipolar mood disorder, aggravated by her own abuse of alcohol and opiate drugs–and culminating, when her meager coping-skills were exhausted, in the murder of her two children.  Part of the tragedy stems fom the over-protective new health laws that forbade the hospital-doctors from informing her Army Colonel husband about the full details of her mental illness.
 Fanning’s book also gives lie to the old French phrase tout comprehende c’est tout pardoner: to understand all is to forgive all.  Not so.  We must hope that at her upcoming trial, Julie will still be considered as dangerously mentally ill–a pitible woman, yes, but–for the welfare of the community–a woman never to be released.

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For more information about Diane Fanning and her books, please visit her website:  www.dianefanning.com

 Diane Fanning: Book Signing Events Celebrating Her 20th Published Book


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  2. How lovely that Diane will be signing Holding My Hand Through Hell too! We just know that Susan is observing and holding Diane’s other hand! Ladyjustice

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