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What Does National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Look Like for LadyJustice, Donna R. Gore?

LadyJustice, Donna R. Gore

Donald Gore, Donna R. Gore, LadyJusticeOn April 17, 1981, 47-year-old father of 3, Donald Gore, was senselessly shot 5 times in Hartford, CT and left to die. His family didn’t understand why he didn’t come home that night until reading a story in the newspaper the next morning describing the shooting of an unknown man. They immediately called the Hartford Police Department and their nightmare began.

Eventually a man was arrested for the murder, but within the timeframe of the murder of Donald Gore, he had taken yet another life. The surviving crime victim family waited 6 long years for the trial, and was relieved that the murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The family was told at sentencing, “this guy will never get out.”  But, wait a minute, what exactly does that mean?

On April 24, 2013, the family of Donald Gore will be subjected to the first parole hearing for the man who murdered their husband and father. Occurring right in the middle of National Crime Victims’ Rights week, this crime surviving family will have to re-live the awful days they thought were behind them.

Each April, OVC helps lead communities throughout the country in their annual observances of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) by promoting victims’ rights and honoring crime victims and those who advocate on their behalf.

Wednesday, April 24, as this family’s bandaid is being ripped off, exposing the never-ending wound of losing a loved one to violent crime, there will be an awards ceremony in Washington, DC to recognize individuals, teams, programs, and organizations that demonstrate outstanding service in supporting crime victims and victim services. The Gore family will be tending to their rights as victims in front of the members of the parole board, desperately seeking to keep this murderer behind bars.

One member of this family, ImaginePublicity client, Donna R. Gore, is known as “LadyJustice” for good reason.  Despite being born with disabilities, she has claimed her place in the world of advocates for victims of crime. She became involved in helping to maintain the rights that are quickly slipping away from surviving victims of crime through various avenues, and consistently stands up for those marginalized citizens who need guidance.

Through the last 32 years Donna has not only been helpful to individuals, but has fought for legislation to ensure that the rights of crime victims are stronger, as well as the rights of those with disabilities, and the gay, lesbian, transgendered community. She is the overachiever who made the decision long ago that the best way to honor her father was to become involved, not let the murderer have any power over her life, and to move positively towards change for others.

LadyJustice lives up to her name by inquisitively presenting her ideas within her website and blog, as well as offering the public the opportunity to hear renowned guests on her weekly radio show, Shattered Lives, which presents information from all realms of victim services as well as the victims of crime themselves. She has documented many of the failures of our country’s criminal justice system from first hand knowledge, and this week will add another chapter to her experience by attending the parole board hearing of her father’s murderer.

In her words, “There are only two ways to look at the future, with fear or hope. I chose hope for all survivors of crime. I refuse to be a victim, but am proud to be a survivor.”

We honor the memory of Donald Gore and stand beside his family as they tread their way through this week, making sure that their rights are honored.

To learn more about Donna R. Gore, aka LadyJustice, visit her website often,  DonnaGore.Com and listen each Saturday at 5pm Eastern time to her highly popular national radio show Shattered Lives on the Inside Lenz Network.

Be sure to connect with LadyJustice online at FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and TWITTER.


To schedule Donna R. Gore to speak at your next event, contact ImaginePublicity, Tel: 843-808-0859  


Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,ImaginePublicity


  1. Sue says

    I remember this because Don Gore was my fathers best friend. ( Tommy Lombardi) he once owned the Sheldon cafe , main st Hartford. My dad took it hard. I met him a few times ,when my parents used to drag us to bars. I remember the garden of Italy. Terrible life for kids.

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