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Dottie Laster Speaking at Texas State University


On Monday, April 22, 2013, Dottie Laster will be speaking to Dr. Catherine Hawkins’ human rights class at Texas State University, San Marcos about the nuances of human trafficking occurring in colleges and universities across the country.

Laster states on her blog, Anti-Human Trafficking News:

What do bright college students have to worry about? Part 1

In the past 2 years, I have seen a sharp increase in the number of U.S. Citizen college students targeted by human trafficking. I also hear from victims that sex traffickers are lurking around high school and middle school campuses. After the many campus shootings and the other dangers parents warn their
children about before sending them away from home for the first time, it is unlikely that most parents are discussing the tactics of “romeo pimps” with the daughters who have achieved academic success.

Dottie Laster, ImaginePublicityDottie will talk to the class about human rights, what they are, and the responsibility of exercising those rights in a lawful manner, not forfeiting them because of misinformation or lack of education about them.  She will also explain the tactics and grooming practices that traffickers commonly use to lure their prey, bright students from stable, affluent homes and academically doing well.

Many of the grooming practices used by traffickers are familiar seduction techniques which have been analyzed and used for centuries, including choosing the right victim, isolation, and the mix of pleasure and pain to keep control over the victim, her family, and the community. (Understanding the Grooming Process)

It’s imperative that more high school and college age young people become aware of the human trafficking issue, learn about it, and hopefully become inspired to assist in it’s eradication as modern day slavery.  The students in Dr. Hawkins’ class will come away with a model to follow and the motivation needed spread the word throughout their campus and circle of friends.

Dr. Catherine Hawkins, LCSW, holds the MSW and Ph.D. in social work. Joining Texas State in 1991, Dr. Hawkins specializes in direct practice, bringing into class her expertise as a psychotherapist in residential, acute care, and out-patient settings. She is interested in issues of sustainability and human trafficking, as well as spirituality in social work and international social work. She has led study abroad groups to Mexico and Cambodia, and was a visiting professor at the Madras school of Social Work in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India in Fall 2006

Dottie Laster is the Founder and CEO of Laster Global Consulting and the Anti-Trafficking Coordinator with the Bernardo Kohler Center. She is an accredited representative recognized by the Bureau of Immigration Appeals under BKC. She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of human trafficking. She has been trained by the Department of Justice to train law enforcement on human trafficking. She has been the architect and leader of human trafficking task forces and coalitions in many cities in Texas and California. In her 8 year career she has been directly and indirectly responsible for the rescue and service of over 200 victims of trafficking in the United States. She is credentialed to practice immigration law. She recently received the “Hero Award” from Youth for Human Rights International.

Dottie Laster is available for speaking engagements, expert witness testimony, agency training, media consultant, and keynote for conferences.

To schedule Dottie for your next event, please contact:

ImaginePublicity     PO Box 14946    Surfside Beach, SC  29587    Tel: 843.808.0859   Email:

Dottie Laster Speaking at Texas State University

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