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The Dr. Laurie Roth Show: March 4-8

Dr. Laurie Roth, The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

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The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

On The Dr. Laurie Roth show March 4-9

Monday, March 4

Hour #1 Weekly segment with Sher Zieve

Sher Zieve 

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news. Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

Hour #2 Weekly segment with Ted and Whalid Shoebat

1Ted and Whalid Shoebat – Father and son experts and authors on Islam, Middle east and prophesy.



Hour #3 


Tuesday, March 5

Hour #1

I Q Al Rassooli – Expert on Islam and its history.  Born and raised in Iraq, Arabic is native language and calls each week from an undisclosed location in Europe.  His life has been threatened because he dares to exercise free speech about Islam.

Hour #2

Dr. James Manning,  Outspoken pastor, host and political commentator  from Atlah (formerly known as Harlem New York)

Hour #3

Frank Salvato, The Roth Show, ImaginePublicityFrank Salvato – Publisher and Editor of

Wednesday, March 6

Hour #1  ”Author, Author!”  Karen Scioscia, author of KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL

Karen Scioscia, Kidnapped by the Cartel, ImaginePublicityUsing a fact-based case, Karen Scioscia writes her fictional account of a young American woman abducted by the Mexican drug cartel in her book, KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL.

An intense story of human trafficking, the author describes in detail the horrors many young girls experience while being held against their will to do the bidding of their captors, and the despair and hopelessness a family goes through in their efforts to find and rescue their precious loved one.

Karen Scioscia writes a weekly column for the Charlotte Observer, has been published by several magazines and is a contributor to as well as acting in film, television, promotional videos and voice over for commercials. To learn more about Karen Scioscia and KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL, or to order a signed copy, please visit her website: KarenDScioscia.Com

Hour #2  ”Behind the Crime: Missing Persons with Monica Caison”

Monica Caison, CUE Center for Missing Persons, ImaginePublicity Monica Caison and representatives of CUE Center for Missing Persons appear on a regular basis featuring cases of missing persons for the purpose of highlighting the details of the case, and perhaps finding clues to help the family members find answers to the whereabouts of their missing loved one.

Information on the upcoming 9th Annual National Persons Conference: click here



Hour #3


Thursday, March 7

Hour #1  

Dr. Laurie Roth will be discussing the history of mind control and current mind control efforts and experiments targeted at the people without their knowledge.

Hour #2

Ruth White,The Roth Show,ImaginePublcityRuth White – editor and publisher of  and former Presidential Candidate




Hour #3


 Friday, March 8

Van Hipp former Deputy Secretary of the Army under Ronald Reagan

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