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Crime Wire: Dan and Gil Harrington, Part II

Crime Wire, Morgan Harrington,Dan and Gil Harrington

Crime Wire, Dennis Griffin,Peter Hyatt,ImaginePublicity

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Crime Wire welcomes Dan and Gil Harrington for the hour to discuss the progress in daughter Morgan’s unsolved murder case, and to meet psychic medium, Karen Storsteen.

Join the show for Part II of the series with the Harringtons.

On October 17, 2009 the Harrington’s lives were forever changed when their beautiful daughter, Morgan, came up missing from a Metallica concert she attended in Charlottesville, VA.  The country took notice, assistance poured in from all over, but her lifeless remains were not found until January, 26, 2010 in a remote field in Albemarle County, VA on Anchorage Farm.  Morgan was taken from this world just as she was becoming a woman recognizing her potential.

Crime Wire, Morgan Harrington,Dan and Gil Harrington

Tonight Crime Wire welcomes back psychic-medium Karen Storsteen. Karen is known for her rare combination of talents as a psychic-medium, psychotherapist, executive coach, management consultant, and public speaker.  On radio she is known for providing “Karen’s Insights” to callers around the world and has taught thousands of leaders and the general public how to heighten their intuitive intelligence.

Karen Storsteen,Crime Wire,ImaginePublicity

 One of her greatest talents is connecting the living to loved ones who have passed. Her clients find that this helps them gain resolution, heal, and have faith that the soul lives on. Karen will do live readings of people whose loved ones were victims of homicides or died under suspicious circumstances. 

In the interest of protecting the integrity of any investigations and the safety of the families of the victims, Karen will not divulge on the air the names of any suspects, persons of interest or witnesses she obtains during her readings. That information will be given to the family and/or law enforcement privately.

You can learn more about Karen at

Crime Wire, Dan and Gil Harrington,ImaginePublicity

The Harringtons are building a legacy in Morgan’s name in several ways.  A scholarship has been set up at Virginia Tech where she attended, an educational wing is being built in Zambia by Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI), and a multi-media campaign titled “Help Save the Next Girl” to raise awareness about the vulnerability of young women to predators and to offer support to other victims’ families.

Help Save The Next Girl is aimed at educating young women about personal safety, encouraging community vigilance & providing resources for victim families.

Read Gil Harrington’s blog on the family website:          ..  ….  .

For the latest information visit the family website, Find and Help Save the Next Girl

Crime Wire: Dan and Gil Harrington, Part II

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