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Health is the NEW Wealth: AWAREMed and Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD

“You can not be wealthy unless you are healthy.”

Kind of like the chicken and the egg, which comes first? If you have enough wealth to buy the best in healthcare, would that make you healthy? Wealth may give you better odds, but you can’t buy health. It takes much more than expensive prescription medications and countless visits to the doctor to create a healthy environment within your body.

Where are you investing your money? The stock market? Real estate? Diamonds? Gold and Silver? What are the advantage of good financial investments if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy the profits? Or, if all the profits of your hard-earned money are spent on doctor visits and prescription drugs?

With our environment filled with new toxins every day, and a society who is eating “supersize” portions of fast food, we stand at a crossroads, not only as a whole, but as individuals who are battling obesity, chronic pain, cancer and other lethal and uncomfortable conditions.  Our lack of knowledge and commitment to personal healthcare instead of personal wealth are having extremely negative effects on our bodies and quality of life.

Is there a better way to control your health and wealth?

Ask yourself, if your home was falling apart, the roof leaking, the paint peeling, or the foundation rotting away, what would you invest to make the necessary repairs to make your home more habitable? Would you just abandon it and let it fall down around you? Where would you live?

Like the little old house falling apart, your body may be showing signs of wear as you age.  Are you willing to make the investment in yourself, your health and your personal wellness, building on a strong foundation of lifestyle changes.

Health is the NEW wealth!

Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD, Founder of the AWAREMed Health and Wellness Resource Center, can help show you the way to reclaiming your health, reclaiming your life and claiming the wealth you so richly deserve. Making an investment in the best possible healthcare is a long-term commitment of time, money, and change but the payoff is incomparable.

So where do you begin your journey towards health and wealth?

Start right where you are!

Everyone is not in the same stage of health, and treatment options will vary, tailored to the specific person, state of health, and needs, not “cookie-cutter” medicine.

As a well-trained doctor of medicine (M.D.), Dr. Akoury and the staff at AWAREMed are also interested in integrating protocols and modalities of lesser known, but science and evidence based, treatment options. Each patient is assessed and prescribed their personal plan for making lifestyle choices that will be best for their particular condition.

One of the advantages of health care at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is their Online Store. No longer do you have to wait for your next appointment or make an inconvenient trip to the office for refills of supplements, products or vitamins, they can be ordered from the comfort of your home on your personal computer and shipped directly to your door. (online store)

Watch for information coming soon about a one day retreat, Introduction to Wellness U!

Meet Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD, Founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center

Dr. Dalal Akoury, Just What the Doctor Ordered! Shop AWAREmed's Online Store From the Convenience of Home

Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD  is fellowship trained and certified in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine, as well as having more than twenty years of accumulated experience in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and a master’s degree in public health.  She  has also served fellowships in pediatric hematology/oncology and has preformed research in leukemia and the effects of smoking.

About developing her dream, AWAREmed and Wellness U, Dr. Akoury says, “My mission is to ignite the spark of health deep within everyone, and to allow this sparkle of wellness to shine through everyone’s eyes, becoming one with the universe, and aligning body, mind, and spirit.”

AWAREmed is the right choice for investing in a complete program of health and wellness all year round. Shedule an appointment today; today is the best day to start on your journey towards complete and well-rounded health care.

Dr. Akoury is available for telephone, SKYPE or email consultations for patients around the world.  She is a renowned speaker, presenter, and trains other physicians and health care practitioners, either on or offsite.

To schedule Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD for your next event or training, please call the office at  843.213.1480  or contact ImaginePublicity, Tel: 843.808.0859 or Email: contact@imaginepublicity.com

Health is the NEW Wealth: AWAREMed and Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD

Health and Wealth


  1. Ohhhh… you are so right, Ms. Delilah and Dr. Akoury… Hard choices indeed… But not really, when you make the decision to put your health first. I say to others…just think of our dear colleague and friend, Susan Murphy-Milano. .She had a “body not treated as her temple” for far too long… Although she helped thousands to improve their quality of life, somewhere along the way, she forgot about herself…or never knew she should value herself…. . We who are healthy have to stay that way… or get on the right track fast. We have to do it for ourselves… and for Susan! Selfishly, i would rather have her here with us as opposed to saving “that many more lives” But it was not to be… She is still in our hearts! Donna “Ladyjustice” ..

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