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Crime Wire: Karen Scioscia Author of KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL

Karen Scioscia, Kidnapped by the Cartel, ImaginePublicity

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Karen Scioscia, Kidnapped by the Cartel, ImaginePublicity

Speech writer, columnist, actor, and fiction author all describe multi-talented Karen Scioscia.

Using a fact-based case, Karen Scioscia writes her fictional account of a young American woman abducted by the Mexican drug cartel in her book, KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL.

An intense story of human trafficking, the author describes in detail the horrors many young girls experience while being held against their will to do the bidding of their captors, and the despair and hopelessness a family goes through in their efforts to find and rescue their precious loved one.

KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL is described as suspenseful, gripping, and real, the author creates the story and brings to life each character and location leaving the reader shocked and amazed that such horror happens in our world today. The information about human sex trafficking should be mandatory study in schools and communities across the country. Karen Scioscia leaves out no details in her book; the raw truth of smuggling, sale and prostitution of young girls is very real.

Karen Scioscia writes a weekly column for the Charlotte Observer, has been published by several magazines and is a contributor to as well as acting in film, television, promotional videos and voice over for commercials. To learn more about Karen Scioscia and KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL, or to order a signed copy, please visit her website: KarenDScioscia.Com

KIDNAPPED BY THE CARTEL is also available through Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle formats. click here

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