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The Dr. Laurie Roth Show Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

Dr. Laurie Roth, The Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

Dr. Laurie Roth Show, ImaginePublicity

Dr. Laurie Roth –  Politics – Crimes and Corruption

Syndicated with Information Radio Network                          

 Each day Laurie Roth investigates and exposes what is really going on in the political world, with U.S. and world leaders, their agendas, crimes, conspiracies and corruption.  Laurie interviews experts and unfolds plots that have almost happened, some that have succeeded and some that are in our faces today.

Laurie not only uncovers the corruption and agendas in the political landscape but exposes other compromises and threats as well. 

  •  Laurie visits with survivors and family members affected by crimes and conspiracies.  How do they survive and come back after losing a family member, being smeared or a victim of crime in some way?  Your audience will find out.
  •  Conspiracies and plots hide in a variety of rooms — social, political, economic, religious and cultural.  Laurie Roth blows open the doors to all these rooms that hide hidden agendas, deception and plots against people.
  •  There is no room for compromise or boredom with Dr. Laurie Roth’s Politics – Crimes, Conspiracies and Corruption. Your audience will be thrilled and breathe a sigh of relief   “Finally, something different than the usual approach we hear all day. ”

 “I expose the bad guys, stand for the good guys and

don’t get caught in-between.”

The Dr. Laurie Roth Show Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

The Dr. Laurie Roth Show Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

Why sponsor  Dr. Laurie Roth?   

There is no one in media quite like her

Laurie Roth is known for her unique and bold combination of passion, guts, humor, compassion and intelligence when covering the issues.

In 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award by CPAC the largest Conservative conference in the country, for breaking a huge national story in 2008 connecting Obama with William Ayers formally of the criminal-terrorist group – The Weather Underground. Roth has exposed crimes and cover ups every week for the last several years. She has talked with family members, criminal experts and the late great Advocate, friend and hero – Susan Murphy Milano.   Laurie now has regular segments featuring  experts including Dr. Scott Bonn,  Monica Caison and Sandra L. Brown, MA.  She also talks in depth each week with true crime authors who expose unbelievable cases each week through their books on the “Author, Author!” segment. 

You can now join us and help us grow to the top 5 and make a huge difference in people’s lives with media that matters.


Together, we will serve the needs of victims and families while turning the bright light on crimes, missing persons and coverage of each case.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease and Dr. Laurie Roth – Politics – Crimes and Corruption  —  INTENDS TO SQUEAK.


Advertising packages available (Something for everyone)

  • Banner placement on The Dr. Laurie Roth Show website:  Laurie has millions of listeners and readers who go to her web site daily to read her published articles and listen to show archives.  Put your banner on her web site and get the kind of attention you deserve, while helping a passionate warrior of truth and justice build her show and voice. 
  • 90 second recorded message or ad – 1 time per daily show  — You can change your message 2 times each month.  If you need Laurie Roth to record a message for you, send her verbiage and she will throw that in at no extra charge.
  • Economy Package:  – Includes, 2 60-second spots per daily show; Banner placement on The Dr. Laurie Roth Show website; 1 live 10-15 minute interview per month – 1 month minimum.   If client pays first 3 months in advance, they will receive a substantial discount rate and the 4th month is absolutely FREE.  
  • Priority Package:  Includes, 3 60-second spots per daily show: Banner placement on The Dr. Laurie Roth Show website;  2 10-15 minute interviews per month – 3 months minimum – If paid in advance client will receive discounted rate and 4th month free.
  • Premium Package: Includes 6  60 second spots per daily show: Banner placement on The Dr. Laurie Roth Show website, 3 – 10-15 minute interviews per month, exclusive, and a personal endorsement from Dr. Laurie Roth.   1-year commitment required.  If paid in advance client will receive discounted rate.
  • Second year of advertising provided absolutely free – Second bonus year includes:  3 – 60 second spots per show, Banner placement on The Dr. Laurie Roth Show website, 3 10-15 minute interviews per month, exclusive and Laurie Roth’s personal endorsement.


What’s in it for you and your business?    

  • With advertising dollars increasingly being spent online, wouldn’t you want to align your business with an experienced host with a built in audience reaching millions in live listens and podcasts?
  • You can be on the ground floor of taking The Dr. Laurie Roth Show to the next level, and in doing so expose your business to even more potential customers.
  • A sought after endorsement by Dr. Laurie Roth is invaluable to the bottom line of your business and placed on your website.
  • Not only is your name and ad heard by millions for 3 hours every day, but your ad is seen by everyone who goes to Dr. Laurie Roth’s high ranking and popular website.
  • Dr. Laurie Roth writes for some of the top online sites, you will be seen!
  • Sponsorship and ad space is limited and exclusive to your business type.


Jump in before the sponsorships and

ad spaces are sold out!

Contact us TODAY for details and pricing!

Contact: ImaginePublicity    Tel: 843.808.0859   Email:

The Dr. Laurie Roth Show Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

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