Ward Foley
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“Scarman” Ward Foley’s DREAM! Can YOU Help?

Ward Foley,Scarman,ImaginePublicity

Ward Foley,Scarman,ImaginePublicity

When children call, SCARMAN answers!

Lovingly referred to as “Scarman” Ward Foley has made a career out of his disability. Wait, it’s not like you think! The career he has chosen, or which chose him, is bringing hope into the world of those who are hurting.

Ward has entered the American Family Insurance 2013 Dream Camp contest with the intention of turning his winnings into making himself available to travel extensively around the country sharing his personal story of hope and bringing comfort to others.

To VOTE daily for Ward Foley CLICK HERE

Ward Foley was born with multiple birth defects and very little chance to live. But he did, only to undergo decades of surgery, agonizing rehabilitation, ridicule, and humiliation. He was also severely burned in a deep fryer, beat up, and almost killed by a drunk driver.

But, despite it all, he emerged with character, or wait, he IS a character! Ward Foley is the original “Scarman!”

Scarman is many things to many people, but most of all represents the physical and emotional scars we all carry, many that we can not see. Although the original Scarman was born with Arthrogryposis, and he answers the call of many who were also born with it, Scarman takes everyone on the journey with him, and in the end all land in the same place….a place of hope!

Ward Foley receives many, many calls from children that touch his heart. He addresses the serious subjects with first hand knowledge, like disabilities, bullying, addictions, and end of life hospice care. But, Ward’s style isn’t what you’d expect! He attacks the issues with his humor and his heart, believing that if we can’t find humor within ourselves we would be hopeless in a hopeless world. His stories offer hope through humor!

The stories he tells are touching, inspiring, heartwarming, funny, surprising and heart-wrenching. As the author talks about the many “God moments” where time after time amazing things happen, he doesn’t try to convince the reader to interpret it as he does. He doesn’t talk about what he gives to others; he talks about what others give to him. To me, that is the very foundation of a truly inspirational story……Author Lisette Brodey

Scarman has bolted out of the gate in the American Family Insurance Dream Camp contest! Won’t YOU help him help others by VOTING daily! Even one better, inform your friends in all your circles to vote as well.

Let’s get this viral for Scarman and his mission of hope!

Want to know more about the Adventures of Scarman?

Scarman is not about getting another scar,
It is about being normal just the way we are.
Some can run and some can wheel,
Some need to be carried, but it’s all still real.
Accepting ourselves the way we are,
Being proud of the struggles and every single scar.
Trying to fit in or be something we’re not,

Only stagnates us more than a lot.

We can truly become who we are meant to be,
Not by hiding or trying to be,
But by getting rid of the junk and just being me.

There’s  MORE!

Ward Foley is the author of the best-selling book about his own life story, THANK MY LUCKY SCARS, which has inspired and encouraged millions!

From his commendable work with hospice patients to those who face disabilities, Ward has dedicated himself to helping others, inspiring others, and bringing hope. This is a wonderful memoir that I highly recommend….Best Selling Author Beth Hoffman

Thank-My-Lucky-ScarsGet a copy today! All proceeds go towards building hope in others!


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