Anny Jacoby
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Anny Jacoby Recently Completes Certified Training by Stop It Now! Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Anny Jacoby,ImaginePublicity

Anny Jacoby,ImaginePublicity

Anny Jacoby was certified by the organization, Stop It Now!, which prevents the sexual abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed.

Through a series of webinars sponsored by the organization participants are given a certificate of attendance of the 4.5 hours of training about Creating Circles of Safety. The objective of the training was to teach how organizations and adults can speak up to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

Are you worried about whether a child’s sexual behaviors are appropriate? Are you concerned about the way an adult is treating a child but not sure what to do about it? Are you afraid that raising concerns can lead to negative fallout for the child, the family or yourself? Do you want to make sure you’re doing everything to keep the children around you safe?

Anny Jacoby has taken it upon herself to gather facts and training from organizations working in the area of child sexual abuse prevention. She is also a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Specialist for Darkness to Light which reaches out to adults in the community to become Stewards of Children and empowering them to prevent child sexual abuse.

Through many avenues of training, Jacoby has become well rounded in the prevention mission and encourages the increased awareness and the investment of adults in the community to also carry that mission forward to become active advocates for children.

Some of the areas covered in the training with Stop It Now! are Recognizing and Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviors, Recognizing and Responding to Adults’ Sexual Behaviors, and Acting to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Abuse through the use of experiences, practices and guidelines, along with case studies from the organization.

Anny Jacoby provides consulting and training to community-based or national organizations, corporations, universities, schools and individuals who are in the position to actively pursue more education and awareness of the issue of child sexual abuse.

Anny has worked in the field of female self-defense for several years through The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company and Project Safe Girls,  and offers different levels of training, starting with females at age 5.  Learning self-defense not only helps to prevent attacks/assaults but also builds self-esteem.  Individuals learn to determine their personal, physical and emotional boundaries.

For further information about child sexual abuse or female self-defense training, refer to her website: AnnyJacoby.Com





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