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Crime Wire: Let’s Hear it for the GIRLS! Sheryl McCollum joins Guest Hosts, Kim Kolton and Delilah Jones

Sheryl McCollum, ImaginePublicity

Crime Wire, Dennis Griffin,Peter Hyatt,ImaginePublicity

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The boys, Crime Wire Hosts Dennis Griffin and Peter Hyatt, have the night off so the show tonight will be filled with all things female!

Guest hosts, Kim Kolton, Crime Wire Research Director and Delilah Jones of ImaginePublicity welcome one special lady to the show, Sheryl McCollum, Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute and seen regularly on Nancy Grace, she always has something interesting to say, in true Sheryl style!

Sheryl McCollum, ImaginePublicity

Sheryl McCollum is well known for her expertise in teaching students cold case investigative procedures. Along with other experts in the field, they have worked on several high-profile cases including Chandra Levy, Tu Pac Shakur, Natalee Holloway, and Amber Hagerman. Currently they are looking into the 1981 unsolved murder of Effie Hall, a single mother and college student from Atlanta.

Do you think that women aren’t capable of doing bad things? Do you think women are inherently good and not evil? We will take a peek into the case of  attractive Jodi Arias, accused and on trial for the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. We will touch on Casey Anthony, acquitted of killing her toddler, Caylee.  Does one have anything to do with the other? Dr. Scott Bonn has compared the two women on his blog, discussing the similarities in their sociopathic behaviors. Interesting read:  CLICK HERE

Many a true crime author has written about the evil things that women do. Diane Fanning‘s books about Betty Neumar, Black Widow, who” lost” 5 husbands and a son, to her latest, Sleep My Darlings about Julie Schenecker the Tampa mother who murdered her “mouthy” teenagers.  Caitlin Rother’s book about Kristin Rossum, Poisoned Love, describes her murder of her husband using fentynal. Kathryn Casey writes about Celeste Beard in She Wanted it All, a tale of greed, lust and hired killers.  And the list goes on!

Women know women, as seen by the short list of female authors and evil female subjects!

So…Let’s hear it for the girls!  Listen in LIVE, throw us some questions or suggestions in the interactive chat room, and let’s show the guys what we have to say!

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