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ROGUE TOWN: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Stamford, CT and the Cop Who Cleaned it Up

Rogue Town,Vito Colucci, Dennis N. Griffin,ImaginePublicity

Rogue Town

The true story of Stamford, Connecticut, a city under the
stranglehold of organized crime, the officials who betrayed the
public trust, and the cop who wore a wire to help bring them

Rogue Town, Vito Colucci, Dennis Griffin,ImaginePublicity

Stamford, CT sits approximately 50 minutes from Manhattan and was the location where summer homes were built by wealthy New Yorkers in the late 19th century. Along with the influx of industry moving out of New York City,  came organized crime.

Rogue Town is the true story about a 21-year-old cop who only set out to make a living with the Stamford Police Department to support his growing family. Little did he know what was in store for him.

The story of Vito Colucci, Jr. and his under cover work with the Stamford, CT police force may seem unbelievable to some, but every word is true, every name, and every incident he survived.

Written by well-known true crime author, Dennis N. Griffin, the tales of corruption and danger in Rogue Town, not only from organized crime, but within the department itself, resembles a script for the next mob related movie, or episodes of a popular crime series for television.

To do the right thing and keep honest cops in tact, Vito Colucci went deep under cover, often wearing a wire, to gather necessary information to expose the illegal drugs and gambling operations running rampant in the city, often putting himself and his family in dire danger. The reader is taken back to a day when the good guys and the bad guys meet head on creating the inevitable battle between good and evil.

Vito Colucci,ImaginePublicityRetiring from the force, Colucci remains in the public eye as a Private Investigator in several high-profile crimes, as well as appearing as a media analyst on all the major news outlets. He hosts a weekly syndicated radio show, Crime Time, broadcasting each Sunday night on BusinessTalk Network.

Rogue Town‘s foreword is written by Colucci’s friend, Anthony R. Dolan, who won a Pulitzer for his investigative reporting on the corruption in Stamford, and later became speech writer for Ronald Reagan.

Vito Colucci is an “Italian cousin” (we share an Aunt), so we have known each other forever.
When Vito joined the Stamford Police Department (SPD) I had been in the department’s
Narcotic Squad for several years and was working in the elite Regional Undercover Squad,
covering the Tri-State area of Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. When that assignment
ended I returned to the Narcotic Squad and Vito became my partner.

Vito was a quick learner and very reliable. He proved to be a good investigator with plenty of
common sense, which is a big plus on the job. This book describes our times together, the good,
the bad and the ugly. It is an honest history of the SPD, chronicling our trials and tribulations in
the department and the City of Stamford.

Vito accurately describes the events and characters that were involved during this period of
Stamford’s history, as the rumors and innuendos of corruption that were swirling around the City
and the Department were established as fact by the honest cops on the force….Joseph M. Ligi, Captain, Stamford Police Department (Retired)

Rogue Town can be purchased directly from the publisher, Houdini Publishing, or through

Book Details:

  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Publisher: Houdini Publishing-Printing; 1ST edition (2012)
  • ISBN-10: 193675912          ISBN-13: 978-1936759125

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ROGUE TOWN: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Stamford, CT and the Cop Who Cleaned it Up


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  3. Sounds fantastic, and I enjoy Griffin’s writing style. It’s going on my to-read list.

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