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Crime Wire: Morgan St. James, A Mystery Writer’s Crime

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Where does the inspiration come from for mystery and true crime authors? Often it comes from their own experiences. Morgan St. James will share the “mystery writer’s crime” and discuss the story behind the story!

whos got the money card front 3

In this fictional “howdunit,” inspired by the authors true life experiences, three down and out former female executives go to work for the manufacturing division of the Federal prison system–the one that manufacturers and sells hundreds of millions of dollars of furniture to government agencies and the military every year. By the way, there really is such a division and their sales are about EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION dollars a year.

Through a fluke they uncover the diabolical scheme and wind up in some real hot water trying to wrap the crooks up in a tidy package for the FBI.

Crime Wire, ImaginePublicity,Dennis GriffinAuthor/columnist/speaker Morgan St. James has written several award-winning mystery books. Her latest funny crime caper is, Who’s Got the Money?,co-authored with Meredith Holland. And she’s written the Silver Sisters Mysteries series with her real sister, Phyllice Bradner.

Also recently released is her entertaining memoir, Confessions of a Cougar, the true story of three glorious weeks in England populated by sexy young men. Morgan writes columns for the Los Angeles and Las Vegas editions of and is a frequent speaker and writer’s panel member or moderator.

All of Morgan’s books can be ordered at most online booksellers in digital and paperback editions, and some are also available in audio books. Who’s Got the Money is in stock at select Barnes & Noble stores.

To learn more about Morgan St. James and for a complete list of her books, please visit her website:  CLICK HERE

You can catch the show live at our new time of 7:00 p.m. Eastern or play it back from the archives at

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