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Crime Wire: Who REALLY Killed Bugsy Siegel?

Crime Wire, Dennis Griffin,Peter Hyatt,ImaginePublicity

Crime Wire, Dennis Griffin,Peter Hyatt,ImaginePublicity

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Crime Wire, Bugsy Siegel,Dennis Griffin, Las Vegas

Host Dennis Griffin takes listeners back to a time when Las Vegas as we know it was in its infancy and one of the most famous, or infamous, gangsters was Bugsy Siegel. Known for his intense violence and quick temper, Siegel is a legend portrayed in movies and television dramas to this day over 65 years since his death.

Good looking and sometimes called the visionary behind the creation of Las Vegas, the life and death of Bugsy Siegel, as reported in 1947, is the stuff Hollywood script writers would have a hard time creating, and has been duplicated through the years on film.

Crime Wire will take another look at the unsolved murder of Bugsy Siegel in a 2 part series on November 27 and December 11.

From Dennis Griffin:

On the night of June 20, 1947, notorious mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was relaxing in the living room of  his girlfriend Virginia Hill’s mansion in Beverly Hills. Conveniently for her, she was away on vacation in Paris, but his trusted friend Al Smiley was with him. Suddenly, rifle shots rang out from outside the living-room window. Two slugs struck Siegel in the face. One of them ejected his left eye, which was found on the floor some 15 feet away from his body. Bugsy was dead at the age of 41.

Speculation swirled as to who killed Siegel and why. The most popular theory was that the gangster had gotten in hot water with his organized crime pals over his handling—or mishandling—of the Flamingo casino project in Las Vegas. Whatever the reason for the murder, no one was ever charged in connection with Siegel’s death and it remains one of the more intriguing cold cases.

However, in 2012, some 65 years after the killing, a man has emerged who believes he knows who pulled the trigger that night and the circumstances surrounding Siegel’s death sentence.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Warren Hull recently to hear about his research into Siegel’s murder and his conclusions. Over nearly three hours, Warren presented his findings in great detail and his argument was compelling. So much so in fact, that I invited him to deliver his presentation on Crime Wire and let the listeners decide whether or not he has proved his case.

Because of the tremendous amount of information that needs to be discussed, Warren will appear on two shows. On November 27 he’ll lay out the facts as he knows them. Two weeks later, on December 11, after the audience has a chance to digest the information and do research of their own, Warren will be back to tie up any loose ends and take calls from the audience.

So, if you’re a current or former investigator, an amateur sleuth or just someone who likes a good mystery, please tune in to see if you think the murder of Bugsy Siegel has been solved. 

Tune in at 7pm-8pm Eastern time.

Hosts Dennis Griffin and Peter Hyatt, along with several Crime Wire Consultants,

will be bringing you more quality crime related shows.

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  1. Cage says

    John –

    Man, you were very tough to find, as is Warren Hull.
    Anyway, I just came across your amazing story.
    The side-by-side photos alone scream credibility.
    I have a stake in the entire Hughes’ will scenario because I have been directly involved in it.
    To make a long story short, I caught a contender to the throne on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show many moons ago and became intrigued.
    Among many other amazing deals, this cat claimed to have a communications implant placed in his head by the Hughes’ people.
    The Tomorrow show staff ran a test and was blown away by the fact that said implant existed.
    I finagled contact information for this guy from Snyder’s staff and got an agreement from him to allow me to tape our conversations for a magazine article.
    After many hours of interviews, he suddenly said that he would be coming into New York City and asked if I would make a reservation at a better Philly hotel for him at which we would meet (because I lived in South Jersey).
    This was done and, ultimately, when we met, he pushed a tasteful amount of money on me asking that I refrain from publishing anything gleaned from our conversations. He added that if anything I found of interest, post-interviews, was of import, I could gladly use it, along with what we had discussed.
    Now. according to consumer officials, I hold the record for business ethics in this or any other country, and I saw nothing unethical in such an open-ended proposition.
    He advised that he would have even heavier proof of his ancestry shortly.
    Shortly thereafter, he arranged a meet with him and his lady at an elegant hotel in New York City, all expenses paid. To give you an idea of this scene, he immediately bought a bauble worth thousands at a kiosk on our way into Trader Vic’s for his lady. Fun and frivolity ensued…
    When we got back to his hotel suite, he grilled me about my background he already knew about: Chief Of Staff to a NJ Senator, county officeholder,..known for bucking the system, but always winning nonetheless.
    He blew me away by unveiling a flow chart of the Summa Corporation, with yours truly designated as Chief of both the Governmental Relations and Communications sections.
    What was amazing to me, amidst all of this, is that he never asked me for a dime.
    If he was a con artist (which I also researched), why?
    Did I uncover something in our interviews?
    The result of all of this, thus far?:
    – Certainly, unanswered questions, especially regarding the implant. and
    – A manuscript he laid upon me about his relationship with Howard that contains truly-wild, and prescient
    observations, especially about Nixon and his brother. Mountain-sides that opened up were but a part of
    said manuscript which, today, we know are de riguer in an era of proven underground bases. (Hughes did
    a large part of major governmental defense work,,think Glomar Explorer, et al).

    I thought that you would get a kick out of my Howard Hughes experience and may find it useful in some way.

    And, because you were so hard to find, I know most definitely that my PR/Communication skills would shoot your cause to the Moon.

    Keep the peace,


  2. alalalt says

    it dosen matter who killed him… the question is who give the order ? so the answer is: Salvatore Lucania

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