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True Crime Uncensored: CSI and Cold Case Expert Joseph L. Giacalone


Live Saturday 2pm PT/5pm ET 

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Join host Burl Barer and guest Joseph L. Giacalone!

You’ve watched the television crime dramas and mysteries….what’s accurate and what’s not? How is that evidence collected? Is blood spatter analyzed properly? Do the investigators use statement analysis? 

After 20 hours of interrogation…..what does that room smell like?

Learn the truth behind real life investigations! 

Joseph L. Giacalone is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant with an extensive background in criminal investigations. He has held many prestigious positions in the NYPD, but his favorite was the Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Homicide Squad. Joe has personally works on hundreds of murders, suicides and missing persons cases. Throughout his career and is always will to share his experiences with others. He was a highly decorated member of the NYPD including the Department Medal for Valor.

Joe is the best selling author of the Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators published by Looseleaf Law, Inc.

A candid, real-world look at investigations, from crime scene to courtroom, shared by an ACTUAL investigator.

No ivory tower theory. Just the real deal!
A seasoned investigator taps his years of street experience to teach you the:

– Core qualities that make for a great investigator
– Important legalities that impact investigations
– Crime Scene protocols that must be followed
– Best follow-up investigation strategies
– Keys to dealing with eyewitnesses
– Aspects of Interview and Interrogation
– Steps in solving Major Crimes
Each chapter includes summary questions for discussion and review.


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