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Crime Wire: Insights to Crime with Karen Storsteen

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On this show we’ll enter the world of a psychic-medium with Karen Storsteen. Karen is known for her rare combination of talents as a psychic-medium, psychotherapist, executive coach, management consultant, and public speaker.  On radio she is known for providing “Karen’s Insights” to callers around the world and has taught thousands of leaders and the general public how to heighten their intuitive intelligence.

Ms. Storsteen has worked in the fields of human and organizational development for twenty-five years and her work as a psychic is grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology.  Karen possesses a Master of Science in Management and Organization, Master’s Minor in Finance, and has completed all coursework toward a Master of Arts in Psychology.

People from all walks of life—including grieving families, law enforcement officials, executives, medical and mental health professionals and individuals experiencing anxiety and depression— seek Karen’s counsel and intuitive acumen to find clarity and peace of mind.  She has found missing people, helped solve crimes, saved and helped grow businesses, and provided insights and loving support to improve relationships, careers, health and personal wellbeing.

One of her greatest talents is connecting the living to loved ones who have passed. Her clients find that this helps them gain resolution, heal, and have faith that the soul lives on.

Karen will do live readings of people whose loved ones were victims of homicides or died under suspicious circumstances.

Karen’s Website is

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