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An Hour to Kill with Doc Bonn: Guest Dr. Jonathan Golden on Terrorism and War Crime in Post 9/11 Era

Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn,ImaginePublicity

Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn, ImaginePublicity

Drew University professor, author, and media analyst, Dr. Scott Bonn takes to the airwaves with a brand new crime related show, An Hour to Kill With Doc Bonn. Listeners can call in to the live broadcast to ask questions, or comment, and participate in weekly contests…yes, there are prizes!

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Doc Bonn will be joined by his friend and colleague Dr. Jonathan Golden, Associate Director of Drew University’s Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict. Professor Golden is an expert in global conflict and religious studies.

They will discuss international law, terrorism and war crime in the post-9/11 era. Call in and play the “whodunit mystery challenge” and maybe win a copy of Dr. Bonn’s book, “Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq.”

From “Why Doesn’t the US Recognize International Law?”

The world community has been concerned about genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes throughout the centuries.  In 2002, a treaty-based court, called the International Criminal Court (ICC), was established in The Hague, The Netherlands, for the prosecution of international war crimes committed on or after that date.

The refusal of the U.S. to recognize the authority of the ICC over its citizens places it at odds with almost all of its staunchest international allies. Ironically, however, it puts the U.S. in alignment with China, a nation that the U.S. has frequently accused of human rights violations.  Similarly, Iran, Iraq and North Korea do not recognize the court’s authority.  The refusal to recognize the ICC thus aligns the U.S. with the G.W. Bush administration’s so-called axis of evil in rejecting international consensus on war crimes.

How does the refusal of the U.S. to recognize the authority of the ICC make you feel?

Dr. Scott Bonn,Doc Bonn,Mass DeceptionDr. Scott Bonn’s book, Mass Deception:Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq gives readers and in depth look at the war and occupation of Iraq as violations of domestic and international law and connects propaganda and distortion efforts by the Bush administration to more general theories of elite deviance and state crime.

The discussion between Dr. Bonn and Dr. Golden promises to be enlightening for listeners and students alike.

“An hour to kill with Doc Bonn” is a weekly crime and variety show, hosted by criminologist and media expert Dr. Scott Bonn, which airs live every Friday at high noon on WMNJ.

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