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Crime Wire: Costa Rica! Everything You NEED to Know with Guest PI Doug Smith!

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On our show on November 6 we’ll talk about Costa RicaCosta Rica is located in Central America and is bordered by Nicaragua to its north and Panama on its southeast. According to information available online, the 2011 census counted its population at 4,301,712. And the cost of living and crime rates are relatively low compared to the US, making it an attractive location for Americans to visit or relocate to. But what is the reality?

To get some straight answers we’ll talk with Doug Smith, CEO of Will Spy Private Investigations & Security Services—the only American-owned, full-time and dedicated agency located in Costa Rica. 

Doug will tell us about land scams and how they work; other scams against American companies and tourists, including how American men are targeted by local women. If you are contemplating a trip to Costa Rica or moving or doing business there, this is a show you won’t want to miss. 

You can hear the show at 9 p.m. Eastern at

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