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Shattered Lives: Talking with Al Dressler, Cyber Security Expert

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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice, Shattered Lives

After five years of seeing their cases steadily lead into the digital world, Vito Colucci Jr. and Al Dressler, partners in Stamford-based Colucci Investigations, opened the Central Computer and Cell Phone Forensics Lab and at the University of Bridgeport. The lab, opened earlier this year, is part of UB’s incubator program designed to provide resources to innovative technology companies.

“ is the perfect tool for parents that want to ensure their children are safe when using social networks,” said Dressler. “This venture came about as a direct response to the dramatic rise in criminal and civil cases that have a need for computer and cell phone forensic research, let alone the amount of cases that involve cyber bullies and computer crimes. Today, there is a two year waiting list at most state and federal computer forensic labs across the country, we hope to help people avoid those delays. Bad guys, beware!”  FaceChecks.Com

Al Dressler has been a licensed investigator since 1995 and noted expert in the field of cyber crime, computer forensics and data recovery, cell phone forensics, email tracing, network security audits and digital cctv camera network installations.

Al has appeared on CNN and Fox News discussing computer forensics, countermeasures and covert camera installations. He has authored, “Tools of the Trade”, a chapter in the book, “Inside the Eyes of a PI” regarding technical investigations.

Al is the Manager at Colucci Investigations, reguarly is a guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, “Crime Time With Vito Colucci” and is an expert consultant for the online Crime Wire Team.

Al has a Masters in Business Administration HCS from the University of New Haven and a degree in Communications from CCSU.  He is a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association



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