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TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED: Author and Attorney Kerrie Droban!







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Kerrie M. Droban heads her own private law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, where she specializes in criminal defense and capital litigation. She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars, where she studied with playwright Edward Albee and with poets Jon Anderson and Carolyn Kizer. Published excerpts of her collection of poems entitled, “The Language of Butchers,” have earned numerous awards, including the Academy of American Poet’s Award, New Letters International Poetry Award, Poet Lore Award, Amelia Encore Award and the Daniel Shockett Award.

Prodigal Father, Pagan Son

“A gritty memoir of life inside the Pagans Motorcycle Club, chief East Coast rivals to the Hells Angels”


“By the time he was thirteen, he already had attended thirteen funerals. Abandoned by his mother, and with
his father–the club’s notorious former president–in jail, “LT” Menginie was raised by the Pagans and became inducted into a life of sex, violence, drugs, and dysfunction. When his father was released from jail and betrayed the club by going over to the rival Hells Angels–helping to touch off Philadelphia’s “Biker War”–LT had to decide where his loyalties lay. “Prodigal Father, Pagan Son “is the perfect read for fans of the popular television drama “Sons of Anarchy,” and follows in the steps of Sonny Barger and other gripping insider accounts such as, “No Angel, Out in Bad Standings, “and “Under and Alone “by taking readers into the shocking and hypnotic under world of outlaw biker clubs.

About Kerrie Droban

Kerrie’s published novels include, In the Company of Darkness and The Watchman’s Circle, which won the Daphne Du Maurier Award for excellence in suspense writing. Critics have described Kerrie’s novels as “riveting, compelling and shocking” filled with “heart-stopping action” and at times “terrifying characters” “who will live in our thoughts for a long time to come.” Her 2007 non-fiction, true crime book entitled Running with the Devil: The True Story of ATF’s Infiltration of the Arizona Hells Angels earned her a 2008 Commissioner’s Medal for Superior Performance from the Kentucky Department of Corrections after she was a keynote speaker at the National Major Gang Task Force 14th Annual Conference.

Kerrie is a former Maricopa County Attorney Prosecutor. She is the recipient of the Fegtly Moot Court Award for Excellence in Oral Advocacy and the Outstanding Closing Argument Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy. As a contributing author, Kerrie wrote a search and seizure manual distributed to APAAC (Arizona Prosecutors Association) and has participated in over thirty felony jury trials, authored over fifty legal briefs, one of which, State v. Ring was heard by the United States Supreme Court and resulted in the remand of over 180 death penalty cases nationwide.


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