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Dottie Laster: Human Trafficking Victims Find New Opportunity with TRAFFICKED Designs

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Jewelry ….SOS….Save One Soul

TRAFFICKED Designs introduces a new line of handmade jewelry aptly titled “SOS: Save One Soul” as part of Dottie Laster’s mission to assist rescued victims of human trafficking to become more self-sufficient. Bypassing some of the traditional means of employment, TRAFFICKED Designs will use designs and talents of rescued human trafficking victims to help grow a business in which they can prosper and re-enter the world successfully.

It’s often difficult for the victims to get a fresh start, especially in the job market where background and credit checks limit the availability of meaningful employment. Resources for rescued victims are limited throughout the United States, clearly an area of need among nearly every community whose budgets are forcing them to work at a minimum. Like anyone victimized by crime, trafficking victims must have specialized care, safety from the traffickers, mental health treatment, and the basics like food and shelter.

To be able to re-enter the job market, victims must slowly re-enter society. In order to assist with the transition TRAFFICKED Designs will give them the opportunity to utilize basic skills to focus their attention on creating a new life for themselves and to one day become self-sufficient.

Dottie Laster of Laster Global Consulting and Bernardo Kohler Center is heading up the TRAFFICKED Designs project with the idea that it will generate enough funds to support those who need it most. Laster is one of the nation’s leading advocates for human trafficking victims, a certified and experienced trainer to law enforcement and advocates across the country, and one who has clearly taken up the issue of awareness and education of human trafficking globally.

“The inspiration for TRAFFICKED Designs is”Lisbeth” who was rescued by me and my team on Sept 15 2010- she reported being held as a victim of sex trafficking. 

In her recovery she learned to make and sell jewelry- when she came to live with me it reminded me that I had made jewelry for my cousin when I was younger- he eventually grew his business to employ many people- I am hopeful that TRAFFICKED Designs will employ victims of trafficking and others who need a way to enter the economy.”

Dottie Laster says that a dedicated website will be designed for showcasing and purchasing the many exclusive designs created by victims of trafficking. Until the website is completed jewelry can be seen on Laster’s blog, Anti Human Trafficking News.

The Save One Soul awareness campaign begins with the SOS distress call that each victim of human trafficking should be noticed, rescued and restored to society. Individuals who purchase and wear the SOS jewelry will be creating more awareness as well as sustaining victims until they are able to find better jobs.


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