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True Crime CLASSICS: Former Miami Cop and Author, Michael Berish Joins the Show

Burl Barer,True Crime Classics

True Crime Classics airs Thursdays 1pm ET on

 Here Women Talk!

Burl Barer,True Crime Classics

The REAL Miami Vice on TRUE CRIME CLASSICS! Burl Barer and Don Woldman welcome Michael Berish to

Here Women Talk

Michael Berish worked as a patrolman, a detective, and as a supervisor on the City of Miami Police Department for twenty-two years; thirteen of which were spent as an undercover detective in the REAL Miami Vice.  He worked everything from Narcotics & Vice, Prostitution, Gambling and Pornography, to Dignitary Protection of President Jose Napoleon Duarte (of El Salvador) and Pope John Paul II. 

Reflections from the pit

Mike became an expert in the field of prosecuting Obscenity, made over 1,000 cases—mostly against organized crime syndicates—and never lost one case.  He testified in front of the Meese Commission on Obscenity during the Reagan Administration and was subpoenaed by the F.B.I. to testify for them, as an expert witness, in New Orleans reference an interstate transportation case.
His first novel, “Reflections from the Pit,” won the Best Novel Award from the Public Safety Writers Association.
“This book reflects the very ‘soul’ of honesty as well as the constant corruption involved in working as a beat officer.” —Bill Kelly Special Agent in charge of Obscenity Investigations for the Southeast United States (Retired) FBI, Miami, FL.
 Mike is also featured in an anthology entitled, “ BAD COP, NO DONUT.”
“Bad Cop, No Donut includes some of the most riveting stories I have read to date. It’s a top-notch crime fiction anthology.” –Donald Bain, author of the “Murder, She Wrote” series.

Bad Cop, No Donut

This is an anthology by fifteen cops and writers (I happen to be fortunate enough to have been selected as one of those fifteen cop/writers) from Miami to Maine and New York City to Los Angeles with stops in New Orleans, Montana and Maryland.
It’s an anthology with stories about the dark side of police work: cops who partake in police brutality, murder, bribery, pay-off’s, bank robberies, pyromania, and laundering money.
In this book you will find: Good cops gone bad, bad cops gone worse, police in the city, sheriffs on the hunt, cops on the beach, cops on the take, fights to the death, ninjas and nunchuckas, hookers and dealers, good guys and bad guys, and the Devil’s own cop.  It’s a book you won’t easily forget.

Every Saturday at 2PT, 5ET you can hear Burl Barer on 

True Crime Uncensored

 broadcast by Outlaw Radio.


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