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Crime Wire SPECIAL: “Components of Murder” with Guest, Robert Cawley

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The year was 1950 when a missing persons report proved to be the catalyst for one of the most suspenseful stories of double homicide ever recorded. The police refused to issue a missing persons report. The newspaper editor refused to make this a feature story. The District Attorney informed everyone there was no case. First of all there were no bodies. Second, one of the missing men had a history of wild jaunts to Mexico and if a crime had been committed, it was a perfect crime. No bodies, no motive and no clues.

Homicide reporter Gene McLain never believed that there was such a thing as a perfect crime. Against all odds, that included the newspaper owner, the editor, the police, the District Attorney and the state law agencies, he put his career on the line. With his wife, Blondie, a police officer, and his two children as his only supporters, he found the bodies of the two murdered men, and then caught the killer three-thousand miles from the scene of the crime.

USA TODAY reported: McLain was an investigative reporter who was as much cop as reporter. He carried a gun and not only wrote award winning stories about crimes, he solved them.

For solving the “Components of Murder” case, McLain won the Story of The Year Award plus the coveted Big Story award.

During his career McLain won 17 Story of The Year awards; 5 Big Story awards and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. We shall never see his likes again.

Joining me tonight to discuss the Components of Murder case and the incredible career of Gene McLain is Robert Cawley. Bob is a production executive, creator, writer, and director whose TV programs have won 20 Emmy Awards, The Freedom Foundation and American Family Heritage Awards, an Angel Award and a special citation from the Department Of Justice as creator, writer, and director of the mini series “This Is Your FBI.”
He is a member of the Greenbrier Military Jr. College Alumni Hall of Fame and served as TV and motion picture consultant to the College of The Arts, Ohio State University.

He has taught at the University of Southern California, Columbia College of Los Angeles and currently teaches at the College of Southern Nevada. He is the author of In Search of La Dura, Target Tayopa and Components of Murder.

He is currently writing his memoir titled Wheezer. 

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