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Crime Wire: Statement Analyst, Peter Hyatt, Updates the Case of Missing 6 year old, Isabel Celis

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Where is Isabel Celis?

6 year old Isabel Celis has been missing from Tuscon, AZ since April.  Children reported missing usually get top priority from law enforcement, and national and local media outlets.  This case seems to have grown cold, and when information dries up, so does the media coverage and investigations.

Sergio and Rebecca Celis, parents of Isabel who reported her kidnapped from her bedroom, remained silent in the beginning of the investigation, but decided later, and urged by police, to speak out about their missing daughter. Much can be gleaned from their statements to the press.

There is blood evidence, prank 911 calls, the father restricted from seeing his other children and family, and yet, no arrests, and more importantly, no clues on where Isabel Celis may be.

Many theories are floating around about possible human trafficking, sexual assault, and who the kidnappers could be, but nothing in the way of concrete evidence seems to be leading authorities to answers.

Peter Hyatt has covered the case extensively and will update listeners on the latest developments as well as discuss what statements those surrounding the case reveal.  Is the truth being told?

To read the details of the case and the analysis of statements, please refer to Peter Hyatt’s site:

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