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The Roth Show: Dottie Laster and Brandon Darby, Human Trafficking Cases Being Ignored by FBI?!

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Human Trafficking Cases Being Ignored?

More than 27 MILLION people are living in slavery around the globe!

Daily we hear about new cases of human trafficking, not only in the sex and prostitution sector, but in agriculture, hospitality, restaurant, housekeeping and other low paying industries. Teenagers are being groomed and lured away from their homes with promises of money and “the life.” Missing kids seem to be making headlines nightly.

Dottie Laster, ImaginePublicityAlthough there doesn’t seem to be as many news pieces about the arrests and prosecution of traffickers and pimps, or the rescue of victims, they are being arrested and victims are being rescued, largely in part due to citizens like Dottie Laster of Laster Global Consulting and Bernardo Kohler Center, along with groups of organizations and grass roots advocates across the United States. However, something quite shocking is happening to some of the cases reported to FBI, ICE and the Department of Justice…..cases are being ignored, or given low priority for investigations….even cases involving minors and children.

In an explosive and revealing article, ex-FBI informant, Brandon Darby, has written a full account in the latest edition of Town Hall Magazine, a monthly conservative news magazine, explaining in detail the shift in priorities within the FBI and his conclusions as to why human trafficking cases are being ignored.

Darby exposes problems which arise between law enforcement agencies and ICE (Immigration and Customs Brandon Darby,Dottie Laster,Human TraffickingEnforcement) and how by ICE agents rolling into an ongoing investigation, critical evidence is often lost and traffickers walk free with little consequence because of it, causing law enforcement agencies to back away from needed investigations, thus perpetuating the cycle.


Dottie Laster and Brandon Darby are courageously speaking out about their first hand experiences as human informants for the FBI, at great personal risk.

Join The Roth Show to hear their story and suggestions about what kind of solution we need to help end human trafficking in America!

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