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Good friends, each of them living in Texas, and their penchant for well researched books in a genre that often gets a less than stellar view, Casey and Fanning often show up in the same circle of events.  To have them together is a double hit of talent.  Along with all of their true crime books, each has developed a series of crime based novels with a strong female lead character, Fanning’s Det. Lucinda Pierce and Casey’s Sarah Armstrong, both which leave readers wanting more.

Diane Fanning

Before writing her first true crime book, Fanning wrote for magazines,television, radio and ad agencies in Virginia, earning many awards, before she moved to Texas where her career in true crime blossomed, along with her work with several non profit organizations. She has served on the executive committees of the Writers’ League of Texas and the Heart of Texas chapter of Sisters in Crime and is also a member of Mystery Writers of America.

Several of Fanning’s books deal with the issue of intimate partner homicide and violence, including the Edgar award nominated, “Written in Blood,” about the death of Kathleen Peterson and the subsequent conviction of her husband, Michael Peterson. Another book, “Gone Forever,” written about the death of a mother of three, leaving her marriage and winding up a murder victim, was praised highly by many who work with domestic violence victims and the aftermath of trauma in the home, recommending the book to victims of violence with whom they come in contact with.

While completing the story of serial killer, Tommy Lynn Sells, Diane Fanning saw the case of Julie Rea Harper on 20/20, a woman convicted of murdering her own son.  Fanning’s correspondence with Sells revealed that he, indeed, was the killer and Julie Rea Harper’s conviction was overturned by appeal.  For her involvement in this case, Diane Fanning was recently honored with an award by the Innocence Project. (

Contracted to write the only book to date on the life and death of Caylee Anthony, Mommy’s Little Girl, Fanning gained national attention for her dynamic research and the ability to organize it in such a way as to be the voice for a child lost to murder.

For a complete list of Diane Fanning’s books, please visit her website:

Kathryn Casey

“I was looking for a good subject for my first book in 1992 when I interviewed Linda Bergstrom for a magazine article. I knew immediately that I had found the right case. The result: EVIL BESIDE HER (formerly titled THE RAPIST’S WIFE). Following that, along came Susan White, Kent McGowen and A WARRANT TO KILL. Then I was off to Austin for the next three books, the first SHE WANTED IT ALL, on the Celeste Beard case, followed by DIE, MY LOVE, on the Piper Rountree case, set in Austin/​Houston/​ and Richmond, Virginia. My most recent true crime book, A DESCENT INTO HELL, on the Colton Pitonyak case, is a truly tragic Austin case, deeply troubling. The research took me into the world of college kids, drugs, sex, and guns. In DESCENT, three college-age kids with the whole world ahead of them slide into dangerous territory, and two end up committing a terrible, terrible crime.

Finally, after two decades covering crime, I’ve relied on my experiences and expanded into fiction. The result: SINGULARITY, my first novel, published by St. Martin’s Minotaur. The first in a series, SINGULARITY introduces Lieutenant Sarah Armstrong, the Texas Rangers’ lone profiler, as she hunts a seriously strange killer. The case quickly takes over Armstrong’s life and nearly destroys her. The second in the series, BLOOD LINES, is now out, and THE KILLING STORM is scheduled for fall 2010. “

For a complete list of books by Kathryn Casey, please visit her website:

Kathryn Casey and Diane Fanning flanking author, Sara Paretsky.


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  2. What a lively and interesting show! We don’t often discuss women killers… But every once in awhile….Thanks for such a great hour of listening… I listened twice… It just flew by!

    Happy Friday, Friends and Neighbors!
    Donna- “Ladyjustice”

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