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True Crime Uncensored: Jack the Ripper is a Woman?

 True Crime Uncensored!

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True Crime Uncensored,Burl Barer,ImaginePublicityThe Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 continue to exert a macabre hold on our imagination. Among the first serial murders, their brutality and bizarreness, and the seeming impossibility of detection have a terrible fascination. What kind of person could have performed such horrific deeds, and could have overstepped the boundary of what marks humankind? How could they not have been caught by the unprecedented police effort? The murders were reported on around the world and the murderer was the first to be given a macabre nickname. He has been the subject of hundreds of books and several films but his identity remains a mystery. Suspects have included the eminent Victorian doctor Sir William Gull, royal gynecologist Sir John Williams and the painter Walter Sickert. Conspiracy theories abound, involving Masonic, Jewish and other connections. This is the story of the extensive research of John Morris and his late father. Starting with the many unresolved questions about the murders they shockingly concluded that they could be answered if Jack was in reality a woman, not a man. But who could she be? After many twists and turns they reach an all too plausible conclusion.

John Morris

John Morris, author of Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman was born in 1950 and brought up in Northamptonshire. He gained a Law degree in London before qualifying as a lawyer. Married with two children, he worked as a solicitor in Swansea, South Wales until 2000, when he and his family moved to Wicklow in Southern Ireland. He continued to practice law for a while in Dublin. Though now part retired and living in rural Wicklow, he still works as a legal consultant. He is now working on his next book.

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